Unbale to switch to the Xbox mode with some of my wheels

Hello all!

I have an XBOX Series X, CSL Elite v1.1 and Formula V2.5x and able to switch to xbox mode with no problems.

I got two new wheels for Christmas - WRC and McLaren V2, both are with XBOX chip in it.

The problem is I can't switch to the XBOX mode after the base starts up with either of those wheels.

If I put Formula wheel first and switch the mode, then after swapping the wheels I can get them to work, but it is a hassle to keep switching wheels every time I want to play. Plus, I am worried about that plastic QR to wear off with all those swaps.

I tried swapping metal QR from the formula wheel into the McLaren wheel to see if that what is causing it, but no luck.

Anyone experienced something like that?

I opened a support ticket, so far, they asked for the video and haven't responded back once I provided it.

Any help is appreciated!

Thank you!


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