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I recently bought a csw 2.5 and two Fanatec wheels (GT Alcantara and the Nascar wheel) on two universal hubs. One sits tightly and works like a charm. The other one has a bit of play in the quickrelease. Not too much but its noticable and resuts in a metallic sound when the FFB starts working, and I think it also results in a lower FFB fidelity.

To be fair, I already contacted the support regarding this problem. They said it could be case where two ends of the tollerance comming together and they offered me to send in the wheelbase and the Universal Hub to take a look at it. But im really afraid that it just ends in getting it back after 3 or longer weeks with the message "everything is within tollerance". So I said thanks, refused this for now and since then just using secure screw which solves the problem.

But i'm getting a bit concerend about this. I'm afraid constantly screwing and unscrewing the secure screw (once a day or every two days) could result in a problem in a long therm. And since I bought both to switch between the GT wheel and the Oval wheel regading what I want to drive its somehow not a "quick" release anymore.


So my questions:

  1. Could in result in a problem when the secure screw screwed in and out to often? (Maybe some official statement would be cool)
  2. Does anyone have an idea how to reduce the play between the quickrelease and the wheelbase? I thgought about putting something about 1-2mm thick on the diagonal part of the QR but could find a good solution until now.

By the way I already tried the spare o-ring that comes with the wheelbase. But it doesnt solve the problem and endet up in a chunk of rubber ripped out of the o-ring by the alignment groove.

Thank you very much in advance.


  • Looks to be ok within normal use. Honestly I never put the screw in, which makes it easier and quicker to swap. Is your O Ring ok? You can always try swapping with the extra one provided and see if it helps but honestly it looks fine.

    I wouldn't add any DIY parts to it.

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    Can you use a bigger O ring... this is why I want the dd shaft on my club sport

  • As I said, I already tried the extra o-ring, which is bigger than the original one, and it did not help.

    The bigger o-ring even got damaged when I put the wheel on.

  • I don't think that play is out of normal spec. If you are not happy, then I would proceed with your support rma.

  • I used F's wheels about 10-15 years and since CSW v1 and v2, no wheelrim/hub has never been playfree. I've always used tighteniing screw to stop it. It takes 10-20 seconds to take it off and put it back on so it doesn't make sense to not use it.

    I can't stand even a little play between base's shaft and wheelrim/main, you can feel even minuscule play and most importantly it makes ffb rattling.

  • That play comes from leaning on the wheel getting in or out the rig. That destroys the QR. It's not build for that forces.

  • I have it since a few weeks and do not lean on it. This behaviour is out fo the box

  • How did you come to that conclusion?

    Is it from experience?

    I bought a podium hub when they first came out last year and it had very little play in the quick release and I have used it all the time since because my other steering wheels has more play, I bought another podium hub 1 month ago and it has a lot more play in the quick release, what's the reason for this? do you think they used it and leaned max on it before sending it ???

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    Thomas in your case maybe is the rubber gasket because of age or use ?

    I have the play when I forget to tight from the back the locking ring on the DD or when I don't use the locking screw on the CSL Elite. 😇

  • Sorry buddy, was typing from the phone and your name got corrected to Thomas which I didn't notice it was changed..


  • ok

    Then I have to ask you, if the rubber is old / widely used, why is there more play in my new podium hub than the old one ??

    And think a little before answering that question ...;)

    I know you're just trying to help, but the reason I asked Michael Meßner this question is because he came into this post and concluded that the reason OP has play in his QR is because he leans on his steering wheel and That's a pretty "bold" conclusion

    I addressed this problem a year ago when I first got my DD2 it has been at the Fanatec service center along with the steering wheels I had then and I got them back with the message that they were within tolerance

    This is a fairly known problem

  • Sorry buddy, didn't know. Was just throwing in some ideas, hence I used the word maybe. 😊

    As a driver usually I brake things and I don't fix them. 😜

    Lots and lots of times my team has left me notes like this on the steering wheel. 🤣

  • Then you might want to think before jumping into a post and giving a reply 😉

    Just a friendly suggestion 🙂

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    This is exactly what I'm afraid of.

    A support member already suggested that it is a case of a Universal hub in the maximum plus(+) tolerance meeting a CSW 2.5 Base with a shaft in the maximum minus(-) tolerance and therefore it could be normal.

    I do not want to send in my equipment just to get it back after a few weeks wit a message "everything in tolerance". This is why I hoped to get some advice here.

    Again, its not critical since I can reduce the play to 0 by using the screw.

    I already have an idea how to solve this. I made a "cardboard washer" that I put on the shaft before installing the wheel. It reduces symptoms and therefore i try to get or build a rubber washer or something like that.

    To be honest, I'm a bit disapointend of this forum. I clearly wrote down two questions.

    The answers showed that nobody is reading them. The only more or less helpful reply so far was from Rami since i can now conclude that the secure screw does not wear out that fast.

    Michael Meßners answer was just offending.

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