Continuous slight vibration of the CSD DD just turned on

IAs soon as I switch on my new CSL DD it emits a slight continuous vibration (even if the car is stationary). Then after 5 minutes of use it stops doing it. t is as if it were to heat up. is this normal or is it a malfunction?


  • I’m having exactly the same issue. Received it today. Already have written to Fanatec. Let’s see what they say…

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    Willkommen im Club, hab es seit vorgestern plötzlich! Wenn das mal nicht nen Serienfehler ist oder eine gewisse Charge betrifft.

    Interessant ist in meinem Fall, wenn ich es stromlos gemacht habe, es manchmal kurz weg ist und dann wieder kommt. Wenn das Lenkrad im Optionsmenü am vibrieren/zittern ist, ist das ForceFeedback im Rennen ganz anders, viel weicher irgendwie … schwer zu beschreiben.

  • I spoke to support. The engine is faulty ...

    I am really disappointed with the quality of this product.

  • My CSL DD is vibration free, but I also had a GT DD Pro that did this, and I wrote to support and it got an RMA.

    I have received a second GT DD Pro as replacement and this one too vibrates.

    I see a lot of people reporting this issue, so this seems to be a component issue.

    I guess I need to open another support ticket.

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