Pre-Ordering seems scary right now

So, judging by the number of negative posts in this forum, pre-ordering the CSL Elite bundle that is supposed to be in stock tomorrow, may not be a good idea?

It seems Fanatec is having issues with customer support and fulfilling orders. I am not sure I want to spend $500+ at the moment.

If I do however, what are the chances that there isn't enough supply to meet the number of pre-orders?


  • I'd say the chance is 100% that supply won't meet demand. I pre-ordered the new load cell pedals last month and haven't heard anything about my order status.

  • I understand the difficulty in keeping up....but Fanatec should communicate better.

  • I ordered on April 13th and was notified of warehouse processing and prepping for shipment on April 21st. They then said they made a mistake on the wheel inventory and it would be shipping from EU at no extra charge and I would receive my full order within two weeks. It's now May 21st, I've received nothing and they aren't responding to me. My order was reverted to processing and hasn't changed. 100% your order will be delayed as they have no grip on their inventory and order statuses. Would be REALLY cool if Dom saw this and passed this issue along as US citizens are being treated like garbage and it's infuriating.

  • From what I can tell most of the world is shipping out fine. Sounds like it's North America and Australia with availability/shipping issues.

    It also sounds like it's an error on their part with the orders showing the 15th as the availability date but it's really the 22nd(Makes sense, mine was originally the 22nd, then my order got processed and sent to the warehouse and then sent back to processing and when that happened the date went down to the 15th.).

    I don't mind delays or anything too much, I just wish there was more communication about what's going on. Especially given the fact that we've already been charged so it's not like they're waiting on our good will to actually commit to the purchase.

  • I'm in same boat. Cart is full, at payment screen, just can't hit the button. The thing is, I know I'm buying it anyway, just hate having money stuck for so long. I guess mine isn't too bad, June 12. USA, Midwest.

  • Think there's a chance to miss the next batch if you don't pre-order? Add that to the list, lol. Things seem to opening up around the world, so maybe won't be too bad after May.

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    Guys I know how the feeling is and is frustrating for sure.

    Shipping is also an issue everywhere.

    Also if you notice that on the boxes says German design , made in China (or something like that) for some of the product so maybe the stock inventory is depended on what the production is giving them as dates.

    If a production line gives the sales team a date that will be in stock, then the sales team considers that this day it will be on stock and available.

    If something delays on the production line the stock date for sure will change.

    My advise, either be patient or buy from authorized re-sellers. I think for USA and Canada there is a shop called simulation1 or something like that.

    For example in the Middle East, Fanatec is not shipping directly and we buy from a re-seller. When he is out of stock and I need something I always check with digital motorsports in Ireland. Their knowledge is good, stock usually is good (or if out of stock replenishment come as soon as possible, but always subject to fanatec stock ) , customer communication is very good and prices are the same as the fanatec website. Had my stuff within 10 days shipped from IRL to UAE during the lockdowns in both countries, and in UAE we had 2 weeks of full 24 hours lockdown.

    I understand that a re-seller might not have all the products, like the Fanatec website does at a click of a button but I am sure if you need something that is not listed on the website, everyone will go out of their way to try and get it for you and add it in their next order coming from Fanatec.

  • my clubsport 2.5 had a date of the 3rd of june now it says 3rd of july, might get it by xmas lol,

  • May 22 is now June 12

  • Yep I ordered the ClubSport v2.5 base, v3 pedals, universal hub, and a table clamp. All had availability dates of May 22. Now the base says June 12, hub and clamp say May 22 still, and the pedals don't even have a date. Pretty crappy service if you ask me.

  • What is going on here? Shipping issues are not the same as just flat no response from a company. I too have emailed and have yet to receive a response. To a simple email.

    I also have ordered a CSL elite bundle with the may22 availability - now the website is showing june 12. I have no idea if my order will be shipping now or if that updated date is for new orders only? Fanatec you need to respond to your customers

  • I ordered a CSL Elite Bundle of May 15th and was processed May 16th. I haven't heard anything back and I assumed items would ship May 22nd when they were available again. It’s starting to feel like mid June for shipping :(

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