Wheelbase DD1 + Clubsport Formula V2.5 X compatible?


iam new to Fanatec Hardware and just ordered my Wheelbase DD1 with the Clubsport Formular V2.5X Steering Wheel and Clubsport Pedals V3.

Will i be able to use this on my PS4 for Gran Turismo and for the coming Grand Turismo on PS5?

Or do i need another Steering Wheel?

If yes which one should i buy?




  • No.

    The DD1 is NOT Playstation compatible as described in the webshop compatibility description.

    No Steering wheel can make it playstation compatible, you need a playstation compatible wheel BASE!

  • To expand on what Maurice said, console compatibility relies on devices having certain "chips" that make them compatible with one console or the other. Playstation compatibility comes from a chip in the wheel *base*, while Xbox compatibility comes from a chip in the wheel itself.

    As an example, you could get the new GT DD Pro (with Playstation compatibility in the base) and then purchase a McLaren GT3 v2 wheel (which has Xbox compatibility) and you'd have a rig that can work on either platform as well as PC.

  • Ok thanks understood!

    Not a big tragedy as my main focus which i bought it for is racing on PC (F1 2021, Assetto Corsa, IRacing...)

    Thanks für your help!

  • The cheapest solution to make your Setup compatible is using the Drive Hub by Collective Minds.

    To use it @PS5 you also will need a wired PS4 Controller Licensed by Sony (look for Horipad Mini).

    I've the same config, DD1 + Clubsport Formula V2.5 X + CSP V3, this combination works great in GT Sport @PS5!

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