First purchase help!

So, I have a gaming pc, series x and ps5. I want to get the new DD system, however, I noticed a difference in the stand alone dd pro and the gt bundle. Question us, can I build my own bundle, and then get a steering wheel that is compatible with PS5? Or, do I have to buy the GT version in order for it to work with a playstation? Last, does having that data port on the stand alone dd pro make a difference? Im new to all of this, so I didn't want to make a purchase and be bummed about it. Thanks in advance!


  • For Playstation you need a base that has the Playstation chip. This is currently only the DD GT + the wheel. Although this is not compatible with the Xbox. For Xbox you need a steering wheel that is compatible.

    So currently only the GT DD Pro with steering wheel plus an extra Xbox steering wheel makes it compatible with all 3 platforms. If you want you can always sell off the GT Steering wheel.

    Else you need to wait a bit for a DD Pro without a wheel. Which should be there in the future but no dates for that base.

  • So, if I understand, there is no chance that I could get a DD now and then get an upgrade from Fanatec that would add the PS5 chip necessary for the DD to be recognized by the PlayStation. Is that correct?

  • Yup.

  • Man, that is so annoying.

  • I am a customer that can not get thru to Fanatec tech support. My DD1 will now not turn on. It running fine just previously. It is a year old but I have extended warranty. Also, it may need to be replaced. I did go thru the manual trouble shooting p. 39-40. When I try to send a text message to Fanatec, that's after I log in, I get a error message. I have been attempting to get thru to them for a couple of days. Just found a phone number in the Podium Advanced Paddle Module section. (+49 (871) 9221-122.

  • I have got the dd + boost kit a v2.5 steering wheel and the csl pedals ,to get it working also got the drivehub and a chaep controller for the ps

    All is working well even the leds and the speed on the wheel are displayed allso the rim is visable in f1 2021 😎 even had to trurn the force down 🥂

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