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Dd1 user here, I’ve applied the recommended settings for horizon on fh5 but I’m finding it really difficult to control once off-road flying thru the wilderness. It feels like that aspect of the game or any cross country type race isn’t really feasible with a wheel, you just lose control and spin out uncontrollably. Feeling like I’m just missing something here. In general, how are people getting along with that aspect, the open world nature that the game relies so heavily on while using a wheel setup? With a controller, I can play this game with my eyes closed but I don’t get that ‘it’s second nature’ feel on the wheel on the horizon series.


  • Honestly I kind of felt that way about FH4 too. I could get it to feel good on tarmac, but then it felt really extreme and hard to control offroad, like you said. Or if I tuned things to make it feel good offroad, it felt bland and lifeless on tarmac.

    I haven't tried FH5 with a wheel yet due to all the reported instability issues with Fanatec gear, so it's been 100% controller for me so far.

  • ive been giving it a go tonight. I’m leaning towards the incompatibilities being too much of a headache right now as well. So many button quirks too, constantly having to have mouse/keyboard handy to navigate. This needs work, issues to be ironed out.

    overall, it is fun to cruise around, especially on tarmac. I’d like to get it working as a viable option. When it’s working right, on tarmac races, I’m more in control then a controller. But as a whole, I’d love to know what I’m missing that has me being such a disaster once off the road.

  • Try slowing down when off road.

  • Greetings,

    I also had the same problems.

    In the meantime I have ridden 12K kilometers in Horizon 5 with my DD2.

    Feedback and control on the road or gravel is now good and fun.

    There are some roads that don't give good feedback, but the problem is with the game.

    Here are my settings, high torque used, 356 driver, motor FW 41, WB FW 689:

    SEN: 540 (when I drift in "Arcade Drift" 320)

    FFB: 40

    FFS: peak

    NDP: 3 (when I drift in "Arcade Drift" 5)

    NFR: OFF

    NIN: OFF

    INT: OFF

    FEI: 50 (Because of my neighbors :D )

    FOR: 100

    SPR: 100

    DPR: 100

    BLI: OFF

    SHO: 100

    BRF: 20


    For Horizon 5 I use the Universal Hub with my PC.

    Only in the Comp. V2.5 mode can be used, otherwise the controls are very terrible.

    I tested it with the XBOX Series X and it is also very, very difficult to play. Like on a PC in PC mode.

    best regards

    Thomas Klinder

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    If you have everything feeling good with wheel settings for racing on tarmac, then adjust your offroad scale to whatever you can stand without losing the feel of the wheels on the dirt. I have mine to .8

    Then what I find super important is to tune your off-road cars for off-road driving which seems like a no brainer, but I do have some recommendations.

    First off. Tuning all cars to feel good on the wheel is pretty important.

    But for off-road I like to do a few things:

    1. AWD
    2. Rally Diff over Off-road Diff and turn Accel and decel up at least 10 points for the front and back. I usually use Rally Diff on Rally on Offroad builds.
    3. Set Diff to between 65-80 towards the rear wheels. 70 seems good on most cars. If you do use Offroad Diff, move it to 60-70 to the rear. That is for racing and driving in general. If you do rock crawling or anything like that I have no idea what to do... I assume that would be different.
    4. Caster. If you spin out turn caster up, if you can't get the back end to swing out enough turn it down. 6.5 to 7 works good. Most cars default to 6.5 but some are way lower by default. On those cars turn it up slowly until it feels stable.
    5. Tire pressure: Start with 17 rear and 19 front. Turn it up to get more slip and don't go below 17. This will help with off-road tires. when driving on tarmac. I personally use off-road tires for Rally and Off-road races.

    Finally you'll notice some cars feel super heavy and some feel super light off-road. Stadium trucks feel really weird and light for example. Tire Pressure, Caster, and Differential can help give it a heavier feel, but each car is really different so you have to play around with tunes to really enjoy the game at it's fullest.

  • Like Thomas, I also use smaller wheel turning circles for races and drift. Turning the wheel angle down from 900 to 540 will make the biggest difference in handling the cars offroad, as well as the S1 class and higher. For S2 and X class I would even go down to 360.

    Aside from that, when it comes to tuning, the lower tire pressure, wider wheels, raised suspension, and negative front caster make a big difference if you're tuning it yourself for cross-country. I am not an expert in that area though, and even for me it was relatively easy to get some decent tunes with those adjustments. I find the overall car handling and suspension adjustments that FH5 has over FH4 to be very noticeable. They made the cars much easier to handle offroad than in FH4.

    You still need to properly brake for the turns, instead of dive bombing them, and you still need to be a bit more careful with the jumps, but overall the cars are much easier to handle offroad. A lower wheel turning circle helps a ton.

  • Hey Thomas, great configuration! Saved the game for me! What in-game settings are you using? Thanks in advance!

  • great to hear. In the game I only use the standard settings, because it's enough for me as an arcade game. I had tried FFB settings in the game, but I would have had to change them every time I changed the wheelbase.

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    Yeah, like others above, everything works ok for the roadraces, it's when you go drifting or try offroad races that everything starts to fall apart with Fanatec wheels at 900 degrees. For drifting I need to go down to 180, believe it or not, to maintain controller level ability. For offroad I try 540 or 360, but sometimes I just pick up the controller for ease.

    Forza 5 seems to need full lock for successful countersteering and it's just takes too long to manually rotate wheels more than about 360. It's amazing it's quite so bad for some of these driving styles.

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