RJ12 cable questions regarding DD1/V3 pedals

The manual for the DD1 base specifies to use the included RJ12 cable - does someone know why the cable that comes with the V3 pedals wouldn't work or should be avoided?


  • Because only the new one which came with the DD has ferrite cores to avoid EMI Issues which the old cable can have.

  • Markus MMarkus M Member
    edited January 2022

    Thanks for the quick response, Maurice! If one added 2 clip-on ferrite cores to the cable from the V3, would that be as safe or is there still risk?

  • Would you by any chance know if the RJ12 cable included with the GT DD Pro is the same as the one that comes with the Podium F1 DD1?

  • They may have a newer one included. I was looking at the manual and it appears to be no for at least the initial units. Either way, I would say use the one that comes with the wheel base at this time.

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