Stand Alone Podium Wheelbase for PS5 - Buy once Cry once.

I am getting my first wheel and rig very soon. I plan on ordering the CSL DD Pro to play GT7 on the PS5. I am in the camp of buy once cry once, and I was wondering about the Podium Wheelbase for the ps4 that will not be in stock near the release of gt7. I know all ps4 stuff will work on the ps5. But does anyone know if Fanatec is planning on releasing a stand alone podium base for the ps5? I know I will enjoy the CSL DD Pro very much, but I will always be thinking that I might be missing out on just that little extra. My ideal package would be a Podium wheel base, with Formula 2.5 wheel and v3 pedals. Thanks for any info.


  • A standalone base would just be the same base I assume. I don't think anything other than software/firmware will be updated for the PS5 if at all.

    If anything they'll release the bundle with an updated rim. I mean, they don't even call it PS4 or PS5, just PS. So I don't foresee them doing anything until they update or replace the DD1 / DD2 (they like to use V1.5 and such) or maybe a new blue finish along with a new PS bundle rim.

    If you only want to cry once, also get the podium button module for the F2.5 rim if you can afford it ;)

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