Clubsport Universal Hub issue with PS4 (on Podium F1)

When using the universal hub in PS4 mode, almost all button functions stop working. The only buttons still working are the funky switch and one pod button trying to take a screenshot, as well as the tuning menu button that gets into the wheelbase screen. Since none of the top buttons are working I can’t confirm the user to use the controller after having clicked on the funky switch.

Hot swapping the wheel after using the Formula V2 to get it added as a controller doesn’t work either, GT Sport does not recognize steering or pedal input.

One more thing to note is that I can switch the wheelbase from PC to PS4 mode using the circle and select buttons, but once there I cannot move back to PC mode because the buttons have stopped working. I need to use a different wheel to get that done.

Using that universal hub for racing on my PC works completely fine, so it is a Playstation only issue.

For reference, I’m on the following drivers:

PC: 429/Wheelbase: 689/WB Motor: 41/QR: 6)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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