CSL Elite 1.1 - Tuning menu after the update


I was using my CSL Elite 1.1 wheel base with McLaren GT3 wheel on Xbox, when getting to the tuning menu there was a lot of options + there were 5 setups that I could save.

Today I decided to connect it to the PC and update the firmware. After the update the only visible options in the tuning menu are SEN and FF + there are no setups to select.

Is there a way to access the old menu?


Wheel Base: 688

Wheel Base Motor: 22

Steering Wheel: 43


  • You are in the "new" Standard Tuning Menu with limited Tuning Menu settings to make it easier for new users.

    To get access to the "old" Tuning Menu, press the Tuning Menu Button for 3 seconds while being in the Tuning Menu.

  • Thank you!

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