You guys really should put up a disclaimer on the Formula V2 wheel if using on the PS4.

Yes, it technically "works" with the CSL ELite Base, but not one PS4 game actually recognizes you are using this wheel. So its pretty much useless except for playing the F1 series games, Although even this games says your using the CSL Elite wheel.

All the nifty buttons on the Formula wheel are useless in every other game.

if i had known this, it would have definitely factored into my hardware choices............


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    It’s working perfectly fine in F1 2019, doesn’t matter if it says you are using CSL elite wheel, every function works properly and that’s important.

    Other games need an update, so it’s fully up to the respective game dev to fully support the wheel. Codemasters shows that it technically is very well possible to fully support it. Not Fanatecs fault.

  • i didnt say it was anyones fault. but the formula wheel is worthless for all ps4 games except F1. but not even that game takes advantage of all the buttons.

  • and it does matter if the game recognizes the proper wheel, so you can assign and use all the buttons on the wheel

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