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I have the csl dd 8nm on Xbox series x. I have tried the forum settings and it doesn’t work. Wheel oscillates extremely on straights making it undriveable. I also talked to support and they were not able to help me. Can someone please give me some suggestions on settings please ?


  • I gave up on PC2. The CSLDD and that game just seem incompatible and the settings provided by fanatec are dangerous.

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    Here is what I have working for me and so far really enjoy project cars. My favorite is the Vintage GTA Class, I am able to be competitive with stock setups at 100% AI difficulty on Laguna Seca. I have both the GT3 McLaren and the Universal Hub with Nascar Wheel (Which I like for Vintage Classes), and V3 pedals. The game sees my controller as a thrustmaster for some reason and I'm either on the 434 or 437 driver I can't recall at the moment.

    SEN -Auto

    FF -100

    FFS -Peak

    ndp -030

    nfr -015

    nln -010

    int -006

    FEI -100

    BLI -100

    sho -ON

    brf -Your preference but I'm at 97

    In Game:

    Throttle at 40 Sensitivity

    Controller Damping 100

    FFB - Informative



    Tone -55

    Menu 0.20

    Hope this helps this is on an Xbox Series X

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    Hello, I recently started playing Project Cars 2 on Xbox Series X with GT DD Pro (8Nm) with a XBox licensed wheel. (what should be very identical to the CSL DD and even to playing on PC)

    After some fiddling around, I found the right base settings to have fun and realistic driving.

    1a.) use the CSL DD settings as recommended here with wheel in Green Xbox mode: https://forum.fanatec.com/discussion/656/project-cars-2-xbox-one-fanatec-recommended-settings

    1b.) for 8Nm version, you will need to reduce the FF value at the wheel directly from 8 to 5Nm by setting it to 63%. This will keep the in-game settings balanced to each other.

    2.) don’t worry about the basic recognized wheel which is displayed (Thrustmaster Xbox One), but take care of some other settings.

    The game is older and did support other past Fanatec wheels, but is capable to recognize unsupported wheels and output DD ffb.

    a) assign clutch in movement settings

    b) do proper wheel calibration - first turn until 100 (%) is shown, then in second step turn back to 0 first and then turn 90 degrees. That should lead to 1080, if the settings at the wheel were set correctly. (If you set 900 at the wheel, the calibration needs to show this value.)

    The game will apply per car the correct degrees. You can verify if it is correctly calibrated, if the Fanatec wheel and the wheel in cockpit view turn in sync.

    c) Deadzones: only change steering minimum deadzone from 1 to 0. (people refer to changing speed sensitivity to 45 a lot, but it is not necessary or meaningful)

    d) set assistant settings to authentic, which will apply traction control, abs and stability management as it would be per car in real world.

    This will lead to a driving experience close to real world driving. I can compare the game and real world driving feel of the AMG C63s. And yes, some cars are just not that easy to drive and need time to adopt to.. 😉

    Hope this helps and re-animates to give PC2 another try!

    PS: I am using the latest public available drivers, which should be 451, I believe.

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