CSL DD - Wheel doesn't hold position

Hey guys,

I'm trying to figure out wether i have to set up an RMA or not.

On my CSL DD I notice two behaviors that make me worry:

1) When the wheelbase is powered of and i turn the wheel it's not totally smooth. You can feel small resistances and when i take my hands of there are places where the wheel stops/stucks. Is this normal behavior or does it point to a technical problem? (I'm wondering because other people state that their wheel turns totally smooth)

2) When I'm ingame (ACC) and turn the wheel 90° whilst the car is standing the wheel doesn't stay in position instead it "stutters" back to nearly 0° (stopps at ~10°) both ingame and physically. I tryed different settings to prevent this: factory default, fanatec recommended, fanatec recommended with spring set to 0% - none of them prevents the wheel form turning. Is this normal behavior?

Would be great if any of you could backcheck at their wheels or tell my by knowledge if the behaviors seem to be normal or if there might be a fault that i have to set up an RMA for.

Regards Nicolas


  • Question 1 is very normal. The CSL DD motor has magnets and when off you feel them a bit and make it also the wheel doesn't feel smooth when turning. Every jump you feel is another magnet.

    Question 2 can always be there a bit especially when you are not holding the wheel and the settings have impact on this behaviour.

    Atleast nothing to worry about and can be solved with an RMA.

  • Ok, thx for your reply!

    Just to make sure i get you right: 1) Nothing to worry about 2) Could be influencend by the settings - or could be an technical issue

    I'm willing to test trough my settings to verify. Can you recommend me settings to dial in where i can be sure the wheel should stay in position?

  • Point #2: do you mean the wheel turns on its own from 90 deg back to 0 deg when the car is standing still ie not moving?

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  • Both seem to be normal and you could ask yourself if these things are "real issues". I wouldn't worry about it to be honest as long as it functions properly while driving ;)

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    I don't search for issues that aren't there here. I want to make sure it functions as it is supposed to whilst driving.

    I totally understand @Psql D s explanation on point #1 so this is cleared out for me.

    His answer on point #2 isn't that clear to me - and i'm not convinced that this behavior is normal / wanted.

    I would be really happy if someone could recommend me settings in wich the wheel doesnt turn back under the given circumstances.

    ... or tells me that it is a peculiarity of the CSL DD because of its method of construction

    ... or proves my source wrong: https://youtube.com/clip/UgkxrTXtIq5pxBGT5Bdj6DQNCdUt31RppCVV

    He states clearly that the wheel shouldn't move back whilst the car is standing - and so does his DD2 when he explains it.

    To not get missunderstood - i'm not searching issues i just want to be sure i set everything up correct and it functions properly while driving.

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    For question 2 I didn't understand correctly at first. But your video makes it more clear. Is that only happening in game? Or also when you have no game running?

    If it's only ingame could also be something the game does. What platform and game do you have the issue with?

    I don't have the CSL DD and I'm running a DD1 on PC with iRacing and ACC etc. But don't have any issues with the behaviour. Also when no game is running my wheel stays where I put it.

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    Will test outside the game when i'm back from work.

    I do ACC & iRacing on a Win 10 PC

    I tried different settings but it occured under all circumstances: factory default, fanatec recommended, fanatec recommended with spring set to 0% (talking about settings in the tuning menu there)

  • Looking at your video, it is normal. The car tyres are really wide and so when you turn the wheel, they do flex and so the slight return is normal.

    Recommended settings are starting points to use from and you tweak from there. I got the wheel in Oct and I am still tweaking settings in game. You change a setting by 5-10 points and you have to put in the time to see if there is any difference. eg half hour drive and then you adjust again to decide if you like the new setting, if not, you are back to square one and you have already used up 1hr testing!

    I am using linear in Fanatec Control Panel. (I do not want to feel the full weight of the wheel everytime... Only when it is important as in corners etc)

    SEN: 720

    FF: 100

    FFS: Linear

    NDP: 30

    NFR: 5

    NIN: 13

    INT: 2

    FEI: 80

    rest 100

    My current settings in ACC, in game.

    Steer lock: 720

    Gain: 70

    Min Force: 0

    Damper: 20%

    Dynamic Damping: 40%

    Road Effects: 0

    Frequency: 400

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