The next race car wheel will be for Rally!

We continue to leave our footprints in the motorsport world and it won’t stop with Pikes Peak and GT3 Racing! With our latest partnership together with M-Sport Ford Rally Team we are getting ready to see Fanatec inside the Ford Puma Hybrid Rally1 that will make its debut race in Rallye Monte Carlo on January 20, 2022. Establishing this partnership at the start of the hybrid era in WRC is the perfect timing for us to be involved and keep on changing the motorsport world forever, making sim racing be a given part of any racing series. 


The all-new Puma Hybrid Rally1 looks great, if you squint extra hard you might spot something we made in this video:  



While we’re not quite ready to show you the product and all its details today, be on the lookout during the upcoming rally weekend and you will already see it in action.


  • Release year for simracers?

  • Looks quite nice! I hope it won't be too expensive.

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    Yeah, yeah, yeah! This is nice and all, but what about that QR2? When we gonna get some of those?

    Seriously, the Puma WRC Hybrid doesn't rub me the wrong way. It just looks like a taller hatch back WRC car. This season is going to be interesting.

    I already put this wheel into my unobtainable category in anticipation of it's eventual price reveal. I would like to see some features from it making their way into plebian priced products. That would be nice.

  • Hopefully rally games will support encoder. WRC 10 does not offer different settings for mapping, traction control or ABS not to mention an option to change it while driving; Dirt Rally 2.0 neither

  • It looks fantastic. I think it'll also make for a great TCR wheel. I have to wonder though. Will the wheel ship to sim racers with a PAPM, or is Fanatec making a new Push/Pull static shifter for rally racing? 🤔

  • Please oh please make it compatible with Xbox!

    The BMW GT3 one is only compatible with Windows and PlayStation, which is a bummer.

  • The WRC eSport championship will take place on Feb. 4th instead of 20th of Jan.

    So I guess we have to wait a bit longer for the new Fanatec WRC wheel to be revealed.

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    I've just found this one.

    And here is the corresponding video.

  • More pictures of the new rally hub

  • IMO, nothing special for simracers.

    Podium Button Module, Podium Hub, Podium Paddles/Magnetic paddles/shifter and 320mm CS rim is better.

    I think there´s enough different kind of wheels already.

    What is needed is Podium series pedals, handbrake, maby wind sim, shaker kit...and software support for those.

  • Hello Thomas, and the whole Fanatec Team:

    Vive la france!

    Congrats for the win of the first WRC race in the hybrid era with the first sim/real WRC wheel.

    Now I don't need this wheel, but I wan't it badly.

    You've done everything right so far. Keep developping such awesome products, listening to the sim comunities and suprise us with some great moves.

    I am happy for your success that you definitly deserve, I wish you all the best waiting for your QR2 and the successor of DD2 to make the next step with fanatec products ;-)

    In the meanwhile I'll better go to work...


    An happy customer.

  • Dear Dominic,

    any idea when we can expect an update on this new wheel? Do we talk about days, weeks, months...?

  • Any news...?

  • Looks cool.

    BMW M4 wheel was announced over 2 years ago and those still aren't in stock. Sure, backorder for months, but why when you can get Cube etc right now and for less.

    Since Podium has been released several years ago, there is nothing for Podium wheels.

    There is a 270mm formula wheel. That is fine, if all you do is race open wheel. Even still, is is more in line with CSL, maybe Clubsport when that was still active.

    I have had Fanatec gear since CSP 1 and Porsche GT2 wheel. 3 sets if Fanatec pedals total, countless HUBs, shifters etc, but it feels like Podium customers are being ignored.

    Not great when every year there are more players in the market.


  • Rumors are M-Sport will not compete in 2024. If there‘s no Ford Puma in WRC1 will there be finally any wheels available?

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