DD2 rotates full 360 degrees on startup since last firmware update

Hi fanatec (users)

Since the 690 firmware my dd2 rotates a full circle on startup, this is not a problem on its own but normaly it only went like 45-90 degrees. the snatch is i have a custom wheel on my xbox universal hub and it has a seperate calbe. With the new full rotation this means the cable will be rotated fully around the wheel and the wheel thinks its dead center. Because of this everytime i have to remove the cable (which is a screw in) or i have to recenter the wheel to get it to be aligned properly. Can i fix this so i only rotates like it did before?


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    It's fine, it's because of the positional Sensor

    Nothing you can do.

  • Oh that sucks, ill have to think of something to not have to remove the cable every time then. Thanks for the heads up, any reason it changed to a bigger rotation?

  • Is it possible to rollback to older firmware, this is really anoying as its now up to almost 540 degrees on startup.

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