RMA/Repair Turnaround Time (?)

Just curious about people's experiences with RMAs and turnaround time. I will be sending a CSL DD/Wheel back for investigation/repair/replacement.

As I'm in a team/league, just wondering how long I'll be out of commission.

If people can share their experiences and include the date they shipped back the equipment, when they received the replaced or repaired equipment, and which region (US, EU, etc.) that'd be helpful.


  • UK

    Sent to UK repair centre on 04/01/22

    Replacement from Germany authorized on 11/01/22

    Order updated to 'Processed' on 11/01/22

    And so far as of 14/01/22 I'm still waiting for it to actually be shipped... Not entirely sure what the delay is as they are showing as in stock

    I'll update you when it actually gets shipped obviously but it's looking like in total I'll be looking at 1 month or so without my wheel.

  • As you already know, but for the sake of those reading this thread who may not have seen my prior troubles, I'm getting an RMA for both my CSL DD and my McLaren v2 wheel, due to the fact that I was suffering from what seems to be the wheel disconnecting/ stopping communication. I tried tightening the C clamp and other bolts, as mentioned in other threads... which worked for a few days but then the issue presented itself again, and then the wheel wouldn't register any button inputs at all, no matter what I did.

    So... I'm getting an RMA for both the base and the wheel. I received the RMA number via email about two hours after the conclusion of my live chat with Fanatec support. Approximately two hours after receiving the RMA, I received another email with the shipping labels.

    The only problem now is, I'd like to include the QR1 Lite in the RMA as well, since I think it's a potential point of failure and could be contributing to my issues. But I have no shipping label for it. I've contacted support regarding this, but since it's the weekend, I'm not expecting a response until hopefully sometime Monday.

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    Oh no! Thanks for sharing. I have the CSL DD and McLaren V2 as well. So far so good. Fingers crossed.

    It is down time which hurts esp when you have signed up to a racing series.

  • I’m sticking my QR lite in the CSL DD packaging. The qr lite box is very small and probably best consolidated with the wheel or Base. I first thought that the QR lite may be contributing but as I was disassembling it, I realized that it’s just the plastic cylinder and not associated with the pins or bolts of the wheel. Sending it anyway as fanatec support said it was ok to do so.

    I will ship today and provide updates on progress in this thread.



    Sent to UK repair centre on 04/01/22

    No contact until replacement from Germany authorized on 11/01/22

    Order updated to 'Processed' on Fanatec website on 11/01/22

    Email from UPS regarding delivery on 14/01/22 (Still showing as 'Processed'on Fanatec website)

    Delivery expected 17/01/22 according to UPS

    So if we're calling day 1 the day I sent it off then day 14 I'll have a replacment so 14 days total downtime.

  • That's not too bad tbh. 2 weeks seems reasonable. Hope the dates hold true and your issue is fixed. Btw just to confirm, this is an RMA on just the McLaren Wheel right? (I think I saw that in the other thread)

  • Yes that's right, just the McLaren wheel, it went to the UK repair centre and then for whatever reason an actual new replacement was authorized which is coming from Germany.

  • That's not a bad idea, shipping the QR like that. I'm going to wait until I hear something back from Fanatec. I don't want to jump the gun and do anything to mix things up and cause any more unnecessary down time.

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