CSL DD stopped working

Hey guys, so I am having issues with my CSL DD. I just received it today, played a couple of hours without any issue at all and then suddenly mid-game the entire thing just stopped working....it immediately cut every function and its power button cannot seem to lock onto red (adjusting red brightness and then quickly flashes green before starting all over again) while the wheel seems to calibrate or something....Power button is unresponsive and the only thing that does work is if I hold it down for 15 seconds or so when a power mode of sorts appears which is pretty useless because even after that, the same thing continues...

Now here's the thing...after a lot of time, restarts, changing usb ports and reinstalling the firmware manager from Fanatec, it just came back to life (no idea how) and worked flawlessly for another 30 minutes or so...and then went again and is gone for almost two hours no...anybody has any idea what might be the issue?


  • This is what can happen when the metal shaft backs out away from the base. You lose connection/communication between your wheel and the base and then it does what you described (including the power button only coming on red on a power cycle). There are several threads in this forum already (including one that I started a couple weeks ago).

    Others have experienced this and posted on this forum. Some have been successful in following the steps to reseat the shaft and tighten the c-clamp more (provided by Fanatec support) and a few of us are still having issues with properly tightened C-Clamps, etc. and are returning the wheel and base on RMA.

  • Well that sucks...anyway I will speak with them and in case I find anything I will come back to let you know...thanks!

  • Try this…

  • Just did...still nothing

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    Update: Uninstalled Fanatec Control Panel and it locked on to PC mode and came back to life again....could it be a driver issue?

    If so, is there anyway to use the system without installing the Fanatec Control Panel?

    Will update if the issue occurs...which it probably will

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