CSL DD Creaking


New to Fanatec .

Received my CSL DD and Clubsport Pedals V3 on Monday.

Have Clubsport BMW Wheel GT2.

Everything worked out of box :)

Yesterday noticed on a creak when I turn the wheel left or right.

in AC and ACC and Dirt Rally 2.0.

Run Dirt Rally in compatibility mode.

This creaking is happening on long and medium turns primarily.

Today when I started to play no creak--but after about 10mins of use the creak came back.

Have probably 20hrs of time on everything... much to the wife's chagrin.... LOL

I don't notice any deterioration in performance, just a bit unnerving.

Other issue : when I'm in Fanatec Control Panel ,I can see when I turn the wheel either direction it applies 2-4% brake. I have put some lithium grease to my brake pedal but it still does it occasional. I'm old and slow so I need every millisecond I can get.... LOL

Other than these issues I'm very happy and hella nice change from G920.

Any insight would be appreciated.


  • Regarding the creaking, it might be helpful if you could maybe try to capture a short video (with your phone maybe) to give a better idea of what it looks and sounds like. I know it's awkward to do yourself, but maybe get another pair of hands to record when it happens.

    As for the pedals, I'm pretty sure the v3's have a way to calibrate the min/max input so you can get rid of any phantom input like that. I don't know how exactly, as I don't own a set, but I'm sure either someone else can chime in here or I'd say maybe just check the user manual (you should be able to download a copy from Fanatec's site if you do a quick search).

    Otherwise, the fact that the phantom input is happening only when you turn your wheel, sounds like it might be a case of EMI and your rig may not be grounded properly? Might be worth looking into.

  • Thanks for the response Gregg.

    Below is a link to a video.

    Problem seems to be only when I turn right today. Started about 5 mins after playing.

    As for rig being grounded, my home is over 120yrs old and electrical is mix of "knob and post" and more modern.

    I will bring a ground fault detector home from work and see.. but thanks for a starting point.

    Videos are short working on uploading a longer one to the album this links too.

    Hopefully the link will work.

  • Yeah that noise definitely does not sound normal to me. I wonder if somehow the braking issue isn't a symptom of whatever is causing the creaking.

    I'd recommend opening a support ticket and seeing what they can do for you. (Log in, go to My Account, My Products, and click on the Support button that corresponds to your CSL DD.)

    During normal business hours (Germany time, I believe), you'll see a little red box with an icon of a headset inside, indicating that you can start a live chat with support. Hopefully they'll be able to get you sorted.

  • I think you're using the table clamp. If so, I think that's where the noise is coming from.

  • Hi Manuel,

    Have a Next Level Racing F-GT cockpit.

    Base is mounted with 4 nuts to it. Have double checked mounting and everything is secure.

    Issue with pedals has gone away but creak still present after about 2 laps in various games, with various levels of FFB. But only on right turns.


  • Then that's absolutely not normal. Talk to support on the chat and show them this video.

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