Firmware 690 (driver 434) reverts to auto settings every startup (DD2)

Since the new firmware and driver my dd2 resets its settings on every time i turn it on (even without rebooting pc) It uses the new fanatec control panel and now i have to reset all my settings every time i startup. I already mentioend the thing with rotation on another topic but i am not happy with the new software! can i revert back to FW680 or is there a solution?


  • Jesper BonJesper Bon Member
    edited January 15

    i've already:

    Clean install of drivers

    Removal of fanalab

    Recalibrated wheel and motor

    edit Reverted back to 415, which i found through forum. using old controll panel again (via controllers) and issue is resolved. 540 rotation issue on startup is still persistent.

  • Yeah, seeing the same thing.

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