FFB drops off between Qualifying and Race in ACC

I have been searching everywhere for a solution.

Reinstalled game and Fanatec software, swapped all cables and ports too.

Running CSW 2.5, CS Pedals V3 and CSW formula Carbon.

Removed icue software, tried the disabled manufacturers extras workaround too.

The FB drops off between Qualifying and Race in ACC, so unable to do any racing.

This is killing me, any help would be gratefully appreciated.


  • What do you mean by drop off? Completely gone or just a different feeling? Mind that in ACC if your tyres are not in temperature and in pressure, they'll slip a lot and your wheel will be light.

  • Its not in game.

    I get the usb disconnect sound and the FFB has gone, wheel still works in every other aspect and the pedals too.

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