Did the V2.5 wheelbase get discontinued in favor of Direct Drive architecture?

I also noticed the brown leather Porsche GT wheel is no longer available. Getting invested in Fanatec's ecosystem feels a little uncertain when items just disappear from availability.


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    Yes. Both are discontinued.

  • I'm patiently waiting for the announcement... CSW DD 12-15nm at around the $700 mark is what I'm thinking it will be... my V1.5 can hardly wait for a break! :D

  • So why use the picture of the porsche wheel as the banner for the rim section of the Fanatec lineup? That's just mean.

  • David ChiengDavid Chieng Member
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    Is it possible that the website shop is outsourced to another company out there? Amendments to little details are slow to get through. As though there is a charge to amend or update it.

    Oh... and when the shop is down... is it cos they are amending it? Nooooo! That is back to the stone age of maintaining the website is it not?

  • Seems the ClubSport RS is the "less than wow" replacement for the Porsche GT wheel. Less expensive but less inviting to be sure. I suppose I could go for one of the Porsche Podium or Clubsport rims but man, those are busy.

  • Because it looks awesome.

    Do you have any other question?😎

  • Looks like they have seen your comment, Porsche 918 rim has been replaced by the Clubsport RS as the top picture ;)

  • That's definitely better. I think it's only appropriate to wet people's appetite with a product that's actually available. They're doing the same with the V2.5 but it's a bit less glaring. Some quick research would show your money going farther with the new DD probably.

  • Jack PickettJack Pickett Member
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    Yes me too, I would prefer a machined aluminum shaft rather than the carbon fiber one in the CSL DD. Seems there are too many reports of wobbling shafts. I DO like the idea of a fanless design though.

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