Shipping situation GT DD Pro

The supply chain issues continues and there is still a container shortage and much longer sea freight times as before. Airfreight is a fast but expensive alternative. The express version has been quite popular and now we have good news for the ones which were hesitating.

With the holiday rush over, air freight rates from China have reduced significantly. Therefore I’m pleased to say that we are now able to drop the price of the Gran Turismo DD Pro Express Version by 100€/$. The new price for the Express Version is already live on the website in all regions. This offer will only be available for a limited time.

The launch of the regular wheels in march is safe and we are sure to deliver all open orders by middle of march. Some quantity might even arrive already in February so some existing pre-orders might be shipped earlier than expected. I will give you an update in early February.


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  • I placed the order on the 26th of November, it was great to receive it in the next few days, to prepare the steering wheel for GT7 :)

    I hope that fanatec will make its customers happy :)


  • I would be sooo happy and greatful to receive my pre-order already in February and looking forward to race with my GT DD Pro+Loadcell Kit 😍

    Looking foward on your update, Thomas. 🥳

    Thanks in advance and best regards,


  • Hello, I placed an order for the gt dd pro express and the boost kit, both ready to ship according to the site. How long will it take for the delivery? I live in Italy. Thank you

  • Really hoping this is the case for the Loadcell too as I ordered the Premium bundle. Is this the case?

  • 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • We would get a update early February.

    So we can expect a update this week ?

    Or in the first half of this month ? (before 14 Februari)

    i just can't wait till my pre-order will be deliverd :)

  • hi thomas,

    i ordered the express dd pro and ups tracking says refused by receiver as pakage appears to be damaged. no one called here at all so it wasnt me who refused anything. now ups told me they are sending back to you. now it seems you are sold out and i have sold my previous wheel set and pedals and have nothing. very unhappy. i know its not your fault, its ups. i really, really hope you will send one out quickly and i dont have to wait till march as i am in a league and need the wheel and pedals. thank you.

  • Hello Thomas Jackermeier,

    Will we have news this week? :)

    Or are you waiting for Valentine's Day :D

    Have a nice week for all!

  • got my dd pro. its good.

  • good news, my dd pro premium bundle will be delivered soon. Ordered on 27th Nov.

  • I just got a message that my DD Pro will arrive tomorrow 🥳🥳🥳

    Thanks to the hole Fanatec Team and the supplieres.

    It is time to race!!!



  • I received my dd pro yesterday and mounted it roughly ;-)

    Very nice force feedback in the first quick tests.

  • Hello 😉

    I ordered on 26 November….but no news…

    i saw 27 November and shipped ….

    no respect for customer priority….

  • They are only shipping the 5nm version and the boost kit.

    In case you bought it with load cell only around March 14th.

  • OK thank you for the information

  • Hi :)

    I ordered the new GT dd pro with loadcell and my old wheel just broke down :( and I have races in my national league coming up, so I would be veery happy if there was a change of getting it as soon as possible

    best regards, Jökull

  • Hi,

    I got all my other parts clubsport pedal v3, 180nm kit, shifter and brake performance kit delivered 2 weeks ago but not the Gran Turismo DD pro.On my account it said the order as processed and from Aus post it also show it complete delivery of 3 out of 3 parcels.

    Box 1 include the clubsport v3 pedal

    Box 2 got the shifter and brake performance kit

    Box 3 is only the 180 NM kit on its own.

    Is there any issue with getting the dd pro? I went on the chat more than a week ago and was inform I will get an email after they check with warehouse.

    Does anyone have similar experience? I would have thought everything will be delivered in one go.

    Kind Regards


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