Is this normal for a DD2 Wheelbase?

I put my F1 wheel on my DD2 base and I've noticed that turning the wheel with the power off feels notchy. It feels like there are "steps" every 5 degrees or so when you gently turn the wheel. I usually run the GT2 wheel which is heavier, bigger and with a lot more padding on the rim so that possibly masked this feeling. When I put the F1 rim on, I first could feel a vibration through the wheel that I haven't noticed before. Sounds like other people can feel the same thing so that's fine. I'm more concerned about the notchiness when turning the wheel while the power is off, which I've never noticed before.


  • This is absolutely normal for an outrunner motor.

  • Thank you for the quick response, Maurice. I never noticed it before, in my mind it has always been super smooth, especially when off. Tonight everything felt grainy, even when it was off. Was wondering if I just never noticed this behavior before.

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