Fanatec Driver 439 (Public Release) (435-437 before) for CSL, CSW and Podium WB (all wheels)



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    Nothing was ignored and the placebo thing was a misunderstanding between Maurice and some others regarding terminology between driver/firmware and not fuled by me, who for Fanatec monitors this thread, tries to get behind reported issues to find out more and then puts it in shape for our issue tracking system so the devs can work on it.

  • Occurs even without using Natural Friction (NFR)

    Randomly occurs on impact effects or curb in all games

    When the force feedback test is executed from the FFB intensity of 51% or more in the fanatec software, it is tested with a sudden jolts. It is a jolts similar to this.

    If the FFB strength is less than 50%, it is very soft in the force feedback test.

    Just 1% difference causes sharp jols and rattles.

    I think there is definitely a problem with this.

    Fanatec recommends that you try the force feed back test at FFB strength of 51% or higher based on dd2.

    And it is thought that there is a problem in being a force feedback test with such a sudden change with only 1% difference

  • I would remove the comment of the Jolts being fixed if on FANATEC display logo from the known issues, i have those jolts in DD1 and im always on that screen... i have 2 types of jolts, 1 when passing on certain kerbs or zones in the game and that may be due to a mix of the effect and what the game sent... but i also have random ones on a straight line with perfect tarmac that come from nowhere sometimes... i understand that these types of random stuff is hard to catch but.... its been a while lads :)

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    The calibration needs to get added back into the driver, we are working on it.

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    What kind of problems are we talking about?

    Are you using the NFR setting? If yes, try it at off to see if the issue is gone.

    Yes, downgrading works like you've explained.

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    That is the Button Module mounted to, a Podium Hub, Universal Hub or Universal Hub V2?

    In case the Button Module is not working anymore, you can try the application below to fix it.


    Ah you mean the McLaren GT3 wheel, I thought you mean the Porsche GT3 wheel. then the application doesn't help.

    But I've attached the previous firmware version v43 to the first post which you can use.

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    If the CSL Elite pedals are shown, then the wrong firmware is flashed on the USB Adapter.

    Open USB Game Controller Overview and double click on USB Adapter

    Go to the update tab and click on the update button

    Choose CSL Pedals in the list and click on start update

    If this didn't help you should contact support

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    There are two possible scenarios:

    1. The "exceeded max rotations" message is shown and the base and it's force feedback doesn't work anymore as they should. For example no force at all and not even an endstop anymore. Base needs to get restarted. -> This means the base has an issue and you should contact support. The message is shown because the base position was lost, maybe an issue with position sensor.
    2. The "exceeded max rotations" message is shown but the base and it's force feedback work fine otherwise. FFB still works, endstop still there, just the message on the display, seemingly for no reason. -> This means the message was falsely shown and we need to fix that its only shown when it needs to be.
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    Thanks for the info, I'll have a closer look.

    Do you use a torque key?

    Does it happen when driving or also when it's just standing around?

    In which mode are you when it happens? (PC, Comp, PlayStation)

    Regarding the driver not responding, please attach the log files which you can collect from the settings page (also if no base is turned on)

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    the message was added because before the base would just stop working correctly without any info why. After the message was added there were some cases were it was triggered even though there was no issue. This should be fixed since the last version, now it should only be shown if there really was an issue.

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    Can you list all your settings, then I'll do the 50%/51% ffb test comparison as well on a couple of DDs

  • Thats pretty weird because before the update to 433 and 435 it wasnt happening. Tells me its a firmware problem? Is it a possibility to downgrade to an other driver, and which one than?

    I posted a support ticket, but im not gonna wait for 7 days for a reply. I paid you guys alot of money.

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    Downgrading is explained in the PDF manual of the driver download.

    1. remove driver you don't like
    2. install driver you like
    3. in firmware manager switch to manual firmware update
    4. downgrade the firmware you want to with each update button
  • Thanks mate, i will do that. Can you tell me since which version this problem happens? I try to take the driver before the problem even happened than.

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    The message was added with Firmware 687, included in driver 423 from October. So the last firmware without the message was 686, included in driver 415 from September.

  • Hi Simmers,

    I’ve got a big problem with my Podium DD1.

    After the installation after driver 434, the setup disconnects randomly. Its really annoying.

    I am using the Podium DD1 in combination with the V3 pedals.

    When its disconnects i have to cycle thru the modes when its back on PS4/PS5 i can press the PS button again and its works. When the race starts im hoping it wont happen during the race and thats not what i want and expect from this product.

    Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards,


  • Hi Marcel. Just received my CSL LC kit and installed it yesterday. Do I need ro update the firmware? All working fine out of the box. It is cumbersome to unplug and connect direct to pc to do the update. Thanks.

  • In rFactor 2 when I restart race after crashing FFB gets numb in the middle, not sure how to explain it, wheel try to go left or right randomly on the straight.


    Used driver: 435

    Hardware: Podium DD1 + Formula V2.5x


    Used fanalab settings:

    [Tuning Menu]

    SEN Auto

    FF 75%


    NDP 23%

    NFR 9%

    NIN 15%

    INT 1

    FEI 80

    FDR 100%

    SPR 100%

    DPR 100%


    SHO ON


     [Dynamic FFB]

    Speed Sensitivite Disabled

    Driving Reverse Enabled

    Damper Effect Strength 75

    Fade-in Intensity 5

     [Vibration - Steering Wheel]

    Rev Limiter Vibration Enabled

    Vibration Strength 10

    Threshold 93,43%


    Used in-game settings:

    100% car specific multplier

    1x Smoothing


    Track: Spa

    Car: McLaren MP4/13 Shadow

    How to reproduce the issue: Drive, crash into a wall, Exit to Monitor and restart session. After 2 restarts it's very noticable.


    If I disabled NFR issue stopped happening.


    Additionally while I used driver 415, FFB in rFactor felt a lot better, it was more sticky, you could feel tire grip through FFB, but it's very subjective.

    On the other hand driver 435 feels a lot better in F1 2021 than driver 415.

  • For my part, with the new driver 435 and my csl DD, the driver works.

    I noticed more softness and flexibility in force feedback as well as for the road effects and more consistency in the steering on Assetto Corsa

    On the other hand, for the steering wheel rotation stop, it's not great, I don't think I have one.

    So I use the Soft Lock but it gives a sudden stop that makes the steering wheel bounce.

    It would be great if you could try to work on that.

    Bests regards.

  • My setup is dd2 and it is [SEN] 1080 [FFB] 40~80 [FFS] Linear [NDP] 10~25 [NFR] 0~2 [NIN] 0~3 [INT] 4 [FEI] 100

    The total gain in the game is 50-70%

    This also happens with fanatec default settings. Only [FFB] is different

    This phenomenon is more than the fanatec default setting [SEN] AUTO [FFB] 51 or higher.

    [NDP] 50 [NFR] OFF [NIN] OFF [INT] 6 [FEI] 100 also occurs in

    This phenomenon occurs when [FFB] 51 or higher, regardless of LINEAR or PEAK.

    If it occurs above a certain torque, it should occur at a lower [FFB] at PEAK, but it occurs when [FFB] 51 or higher in the same way as LINEAR and PEAK.

  • we have been told to not use NFR for now. set to off/0 until developers resolve the issue.

  • I guess You didn’t read my entire post, because I’ve mentioned that turning off NFR fixes this issue. I’ve described my case just to help developers replicate this issue.

  • Driver 435 - all firmware updated: everything working well except small issue with ITM on BME

    The ITM screen on BME does not show current speed unless you manually switch ITM screens in-game on track, then it starts displaying. Everything else seems to display correctly, but the current speed is just blank unless you switch screens in-game. This happens with all games (ACC, AMS2, rF2). Thanks.

  • No, I don't use the torque with the P1 wheel, wouldn't work anyway.

    With firmware 687 it could already happen while just sitting in the fanatec control panel.

    With firmware 691 while in control panel it seems ok. But it can be forced by starting and exiting the steam client a couple of times, base will freeze reliably with a P1 wheel attached, won't freeze with a McL wheel attached. When driving with a P1 wheel the base survives a lap or two, then it dies. With the McL wheel I can drive for hours no matter which base firmware.

    Mode is PC only.

    Forget the driver not responding message, that was due to Windows 7 on my notebook. Redid all the testing on a brand new 21H2 install of Win10.

    I attached the logs from the new WIN10 installation anyway.

    One more thing: When I restart the unresponsive base by pulling the power plug while the P1 wheel is attached, I alwas have to confirm the "enable torque" notice, as if the wheel was removed and reattached.

    @Maurice: Did all that again with a clean WIN10 21H2 installation on a separate partition. Non of the trouble happens with base firmware 691 and a McL wheel and it neither happens with base firmware 675 and a P1 or a McL wheel.

  • I have been watching the Beta Threads for a while now. I personally have not experienced the Jolts that other people are experiencing. I run a DD1 currently on the last released version of the driver/Firmware. I do not run high levels of FFb. Some things that appear to be common with people getting jolts is both 1) running High FFb and 2) some sort of big transient like hitting a curb or crashing into a wall. All the replies from Fanatec about what they are doing to investigate seem to be related to the software - ie Driver or Firmware. I am wondering if anyone there has taken any time to look into possible Hardware issues ? Specifically - has anyone taken the time to look at the transient response of the power supply during one of these transients ? Some power supplies are good at producing a steady output voltage as long as the load is fairly constant but have horrible Undershoot and then Overshoot when they are hit with a large transient load. These sorts of transients could be very short - from tens of microseconds to a few milliseconds but the magnitude of the voltage spike could be high enough to feed into the control circuitry. Hitting a wall would produce a big transient load especially if the user tries to hold onto the wheel during the crash. Curbs would be lower but still significant since the user is more likely to be holding onto the wheel fighting the transient.

    One more thing - Although Fanatec mentions the plug-in sequence in their "Warnings" page a lot of users don't bother to read that far or read the manual at all. Plugging the Power Brick into the wall before Plugging the Power connector into the back of the wheelbase or Unplugging the Power connector at the back of the wheelbase and then reconnecting it without unplugging the Power Brick from the wall and letting it discharge is really bad for the wheelbase. You can get electrical arcing and huge voltage spikes at the connector due to the initial current surge. I have to say that the Power Plug on the back of the wheel base is one of the weakest points of the DD1,2 and probably accounts for a good portion of the weird failure modes that people see. Some early Laptop computers experienced high failure rates for this exact same reason.

  • Just wanted to say my car no longer torques to one side when I crash in Grid or any other game, thank you for fixing that. Overall the car seems to handle much better in all games with this version, thank you for that as well. Be nice if you add support for ATS/ETS2.

    Jim Nasium

  • The error message of "exceeded maximum rotation" getting shown without reason is still present.

    • Wheel Base Model (product ID): DD2
    • Steering Wheel Model (product ID): ClubSport Uni Hub (XBOX)
    • Driver Version: beta 435
    • Base FW Version: 691
    • Motor FW Version: 42
    • Wheel FW Version: ?
    • FanaLab Version: no installed
    • Tuning Menu settings: SEN 320, FFB 40, FFS Peak, NDP 5, NFR OFF, NIN OFF, INT OFF, FEI 50, FOR 100, SPR 100, DPR 100, BLI OFF, BRF 15
    • Driver/FanaLab installed on C: drive or else? YES
    • With driver related issues collect log files and zip them from C:\Users\Public\Fanatec Logs

    It seems like the error message only occurs at less than 400 degrees SEN?

  • Your FFB and all wheel buttons are still working fine when the message comes up?

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