Wheel stops working

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Yesterday during a race my wheel stopped working, kinda.

I could still steer, all the buttons worked and my pedals worked but the shifters stopped working

The force feedback also went really weird

The gear and rev lights stayed turned on even when I turned off the game and only turned off when I disconnected the wheel

This happened to me after about 30 minutes of driving.

Today when I was playing it happened to me again.

The exact same issue after around 30 minutes again.

I'm using the Formula 2.5x, CSL DD and the new CSL pedals.

I have all drivers updated, I'm not sure is this a problem with software or the game.

So I'm wondering has anyone else have this problem.

This happened to me on Iracing that's why I put this post here.


  • might be your usb's turning off if it seem's to happen at the same time every time?

  • But I can still use the wheel so it doesn't disconnect from the PC.

    I flashed all firmware and its still happening.

    I'll just contact support.

    Thanks tho

  • "It is possible that the wheel base hub came loose a bit and causes unsteady contact. Please try the following: - Loosen the black clamp on the wheel base hub and remove the hub from the wheel base.- Reinsert the hub completely and tighten the clamp. Please make sure that the clamp is really tight, otherwise the hub could loosen again."

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