Handbrake stuck on

Handbrake is sticking on 30% and won't release. It's brand new and only just gone on the rig. Any help please.


  • have you calibrated it?

  • I have the same issue - goes straight to 100% and stays there.

    The manual just says first pull will calibrate it. Is there some other method?

  • I'm having similar issues with my new Clubsport handbrake, it seems the cheap 3,5 mm stereo jack going into the handbrake unit is faulty.. getting stuck at 0% / 30% / 100%, wiggling the connection fixes it, until the connection goes bad again.. Seems odd to use such cheap wiring (and the placement of the connection is not the best anyway). Trying to contact support about this.

  • Have you had any luck mine is stuck at 100 and when I pull the lever it goes down it’s like it’s opposite I’ve only had it for a week or two

  • Any luck with this issue? Similar problem here too, stuck between 2%-9%.

  • Any luck with this issue? My Fanatec driver app shows 100% Handbrake flutter but I don't even own a handbrake so not sure what is going on.

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