ISO: Fanatec button caps and decals

I now have a few Clubsport wheels including the original BMW GT2 original version, and the Porsche 918 RSR wheel.

I'd like to customize the buttons with different caps and decals, since right now I can remember what's where.

I don't see the set from Fanatec on the website anywhere, but do see at least one European aftermarket set that looks identical. Problem is it's 2x the cost of the product just to SHIP to the USA. So a 30 dollar set becomes $90 bucks.

Yeah it's not that bad compared to everything else I have into my Rig, but on principle alone.. $90 for some plastic caps and decals is more than I'm willing to spend at this point.

Can anyone here help direct me to a more reasonably priced set of Fanatec caps?



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