Need some help, fixing my base

Hey racing friends

I have a big issue with my CS 2.0 wheel base (its actually a 2.5 as it got updated by fanatec).

The base had already a lot of owners and got often mounted and mounted off some bases, so during the time, the USB-Port had some strong stress, the backplate of the USB-Port pushed against the electric components, and now they are gone. So if somone could please post me which kind of components are missing, i can order them and fix the base. (SMD soldering is not the problem, the problem is that i don't now which model these two components are.

In annexe you see the entire board and the two parts missing on the PCB, so if someone could send me a picture, like the one i posted it would realy help me out and i can use the base again.

Thank you verry much

Kind rergards


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