Is this Clubsport Shifter behaving normally in any way ?

Hi fellow Fanatec product users

After initially working ok my shifter after about two weeks after receiving it started to act strangely.

a) It makes weird noises when shifting in seqential mode. The source seems to be something mechanical, like something is blocking moving parts. The noise is as damn loud as the video suggests...

If you don't mind, unzip the attached file, it contains a little AVI-clip I made. And please let me know if you find this behaviour to be normal or acceptable in any way.

Fanatec told me that this could be totally normal, but because they're such nice people they finally will give me a RMA number on Monday after debating over this for a whole week to send it in for a check-up.

b) Right when problem a) started I was as well no longer able to calibrate/register the gears in H mode, no matter what I tried. Fanatec will hopefully come up with a solution for that as well.

Cheers and take care



  • Doesn't sound normal. Possible broken spring for the sequential? How heavy do you have it set with the H-Pattern? I find that the sequential doesn't work well if you screw the adjustment pretty tight for H pattern. I had to find a sweet spot that works for both. I just screwed it in all the way and screwed it out bit by bit in Sequential to the point where it shifts OK, as I prefer to have a crisp H pattern rather than loose Sequential.

  • Hey Jacub

    Thank for your input

    At first everything seemed normal, I could calibrate / register gears in H, I did what you suggested to find a sweet spot.

    H-pattern still mechanically shifts super-easy and nicely, though I no longer can tell if the sensors react.

    Sequentially shifting works even in the Fanatec app, but as the video shows it's no fun anymore. In hindsight I'd have to say that sequentially shifting was too tough from the get go, no matter how tight or loose the adjusting srew was "set".

  • Hi everybody

    I just wanted to let everybody know that I'm happily shifting again.

    Though it was in my eyes a bit too complicated and time consuming to finally get a RMA number and the whole process going, today, only like after 10 days after sending the unit in, I received a brand-spanking new shifter from Fanatec !

    Thank you very much, I really appreciate this !

    Cheers and take care everybody


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