Clutch won't detect during calibration setup.

Hi there.

I am trying to set up the clutch for the Ferrari 488 gt3 Evo 2020. I'm using the McLaren V2 rim. when I press down my clutch paddles nothing registers and says clutch not detecting. I have the V3 pedals as well and I tried pressing down the clutch peddle to see if that works, to try to eliminate if it was the rim that had an issue and the peddle clutch does not register as well. I opened up the fanatec properties page and both rim clutch and peddle clutch are working and registering inputs. Anyone know what could be the issue or how to fix this.


  • Not particularly clear from the description but I am guessing this is in ACC and despite you specifying the car above I'm guessing that you actually have the issue with all cars in ACC. if my guessing is correct you simply have to map the clutch in game. If this isn't the issue you are going to have the describe the problem a bit better. But I am confident this is not a hardware issue - if it is ACC you might be better off looking for help on their forum.

  • Sorry should have been more specific. It was on Iracing. ACC and my clutch on my Rim and Pedals work perfectly. But on iracing when i was setting up the car and doing all my calibration with my pedals, when it came to the clutch i press down the clutch on the rim and nothing registers. same thing happens when i try the clutch on my pedals as well.

  • hi, I am having the same issue I think. All used to work fine, but I had my PC off for a week or so, and when I connected everything up again, the analogue features are not being seen in the Iracing sim. So both the joystick and the podium paddles I have on my Formula V2 just do nothing in the calibration. I can see they work fine in the Fanatec software out ofIracing, and as I said they USED to no idea why not now?

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