interferences with DD1, Podium Hub and Custom R8 Wheel

Hello Community,

yesterday my new R8 custom wheel with pre-installed Podium Hub arrived.

In Windows Game Controller there are no problems and i could calibrate the ascher clutch pedals. now i only have minimal movement in zero position. in acc i can define this to deadzone.

if i mount the wheel to the dd1, i have huge inferferences and many buttons are ghosting, if i turn the mounted wheel, ghosting gets worse.

What can cause this?

I already tried only to power up the wheel, not the dd1, no pedals, different usb-ports as well tested. no improvement.

the power supply for my dd1 is as far away from my rig as i could be.

Has anybody else this problems and solved it?

I ordered ferrite stones to shield the M12 Cable. They will come on Monday.

thanks for tipps

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