Fanatec shifter with GT DD Pro

Hi. Last week I received my Fanatec GT DD pro wheel from Fanatec direct. I then bought a Fanatec Shifter SQ ver 1.5 from The shifter box was unsealed and when I set it up and calibrated it on my laptop, 1st gear thinks it’s reverse so I have reverse, reverse again then 2-7 gears. Eventually after 2 days and countless calibrations it started working normally but when using it on GT Sport with the clutch and in H pattern mode, it randomly jumps into Neutral when I’m not even changing gear. I’ll be going along in a gear on a straight with my hands holding the wheel so I’m not touching the shifter or clutch pedal and I’ll get a in-game crunching sound and the car goes into neutral. I’ve got in touch with Digital MotorSport and they said they would send me a new one, now they are saying they are not, and instead are in talks with Fanatec to see what to do. Has anyone else experienced this issue. Last night I tried to calibrate the shifter again and now I’ve lost 1, 3, 4 and 6 gears. The calibration through the wheel didn’t work either the process keeps ending before completing although I’ve since followed some advise on line about disconnecting, reconnecting and holding wheel on left turn and then calibrating gears and it completed but I’m still having the neutral issue.


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