Has anyone tried running accFFB? Similar to irFFB... but on Asseto Corsa Competizione

I know I am a bit slow to the game but has anyone tried it? Released about 6mths ago. Do not think there has been an update since.

You have to run vJoy and HidHide at the same time too.

Apparently you get "Seat of Pants" FFB too, going through your wheels.

I am in the camp of wanting the most out of the FFB on my wheel. Less so in simulating the actual feedback from the steering wheel a "real" GT3 car, which I do not think I will get to test out in my lifetime. 🙂

Power steering does reduce feedback on a real wheel anyway depending on the car you drive.


  • Lacking SoP is one of the main reasons why I abandoned ACC and only play Gran Turismo.

    ACCFFB is new, probably buggy, and quite a controversial topic, so I don't think you'll find much information on this. Personally, I just couldn't bother with the tinkering when there are other games that offer what I want without bugs.

    IRFFB for iRacing is also somewhat controversial and reported to be buggy despite being more mature than ACCFFB.

    Interesting question though!

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    Yes I used it with the T300 before the CSL DD. It worked ok on the T300 and could catch slides better but the CSL DD is so good that it's not needed. I felt a latency when using with CSL DD and uninstalled. Also after 1.8 patch the physics are better and more reason not to use ACCFFB. So I would say if you have a belt driven base then maybe.

    In my opinion ACC has best implementation of physics and FFB at the moment from all sims.

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