cannot turn the knob of the QR1 simplified quick release

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Finally today my CSL DD and Mclaren GT3 wheel arrived with the QR1 simplified quick relase.

I alligned the wheel with the simplified quick release and after pushing the wheel on the shaft of the CSL DD I want to turn the knob to fix it. But instead of turning it till the end of the white line marked on the QR1 I can barely turn it 1cm and then it is stuck and cannot be turned anymore.

Anyone else has this problem or knows how this can happen?

I also had to push semi hard to get the wheel over the shaft.


  • It cannot find my wheel? What is wrong? Such a dissapointment. Finaly everything has arrived is it not working!

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    Hi Michel, you might not have pushed the wheel on far enough to complete the connection. The QR can be very stiff to begin with. If you don't push on all the way, the wheel won't be detected, and you won't be able to tighten the clamping nut.

    (I deleted your other topic because it is about the same thing. I'm sure we can get this sorted.)

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  • I'd recommend applying a small amount of silicone-based lubricant to both the metal shaft and the inner surface of the plastic QR (while being careful not to touch the connection pins!)

    Doing this should help the wheel slide onto the shaft and into place much more easily.

  • Equally likely is that there is a manufacturing defect in the hub. It shouldn't be that tight that fitting the wheel is difficult.

  • Quite possibly true. But I remember when I first got my CSL DD and McLaren wheel, it took quite a bit more force than I anticipated to push the wheel all the way onto the shaft. After using some silicone oil, it all slid together easily, no problem. It's definitely at least worth a try.

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