DD1 for PS4 question

Hi all,

Got my DD for the PS4 and noticed that the feedback while playing with the Formula wheel (that came with the base) is stronger than with my Porsche GT3 Podium bundle.

change the wheels during the game ( Gran Turismo) and is noticable at once.

Does the base recognizes the steering wheels and have differwnt settings?

if Yes how can I see the setting on the Formula wheel and copy them to my Porshe one?

Also noticed that when I am using my Porsche wheel I cannot change the “modes” from PS4 to PC etc.

Those questions might sound strange and sorry if answered already but I am a newbie. Bought my first CSL wheel 1,5 month ago gave it my dad (and team mate in TCR UAE) and got the DD1 (which believe it or not is like day and night even for the PS4 systems). 😇


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