GT7 launch weekend

Thomas JackermeierThomas Jackermeier Member, Administrator

I want to offer my congratulations to Sony and Polyphony Digital for the successful launch of Gran Turismo 7. I’m just getting started with the game, but clearly it is another landmark title in this great series, and has been praised by critics and life-long fans alike. Gran Turismo’s stunning presentation and fun challenges built on top of a realistic physics engine means that Gran Turismo 7 will become the entry point into sim racing for a whole new generation of gamers. 

It is the 25th anniversary of Gran Turismo but also the 25th anniversary of Fanatec! It took a little while to make the official GT steering wheel but I hope the wait was worth it.

We’re incredibly proud of our partnership with the game and to be delivering the only official Direct Drive wheel for Gran Turismo. The Gran Turismo DD Pro is available now! It’s an amazing way to experience Gran Turismo 7, and so many players around the world are already enjoying this hardware and software combination.

And for the guys wanting the wheel base standalone I can say that it is a matter days rather than weeks before we can announce something. ;)

Please give me some feedback how you like GT7 with our products so far.

  1. What is the very best GT game?25 votes
    1. Gran Turismo
    2. Gran Turismo 2
    3. Gran Turismo 3
    4. Gran Turismo 4
    5. Gran Turismo 5
    6. Gran Turismo 6
    7. GT Sport
    8. Gran Turismo 7
  2. How do you like the GT DD Pro with GT7?25 votes
    1. I cannot tell because I don't have it
    2. It is superb. Best GT licensed wheel ever
    3. It is good but there are better PS5 licensed wheels out there (mention in the comments what and why)
    4. It is a horrible experience. I don't like it at all and I rather play with a controller


  • Hristo GoshevHristo Goshev Member
    edited March 2022

    The GT DD Pro has a superb FFB but GT7 doesn't take full advantage of it.

    Thanks to the great improvement in physics, I will point to GT7 as my favorite game.

  • Awesome news, I have sampled a mates GT DD Pro and can't wait to be able to buy a CSL GT DD Pro base to replace my CSL Elite which has been a great base to be able to use on PS & PC

    Can't wait to be able to place my order, money has been ready an waiting for a while.

    I can stop spamming the Fanatec Social's once it comes out also 🤣

  • Opted for GT Sport. I actually prefer the stronger focus on motorsports and the tuning unnecessarily complicates the Sport mode in my opinion. Let's see how this plays out with the racing classes (Gr.4 to Gr.1) in the future.

    Also, I'm a bit disappointed that you still can't manually map the upper paddles of the Podium Advanced Paddle Module. Neither can you directly change settings of the MFD (brake bias, TCS, fuel mixture) without the DD Pro GT (I'm using a Podium Racing Wheel F1).

    Please don't get me wrong, GT7 is far from a bad game, but I personally don't find it as polished as it could be.

  • Totally Agree! GT7 is a great game and GT DD Pro is a best wheel base ever made for PS! But I don’t think present version software unleash full potential of DD Pro. Hope comming updates can improve that! 

  • Really looking forward to be able to buy the DD Pro on it's own, Thomas. Maybe reduce th 8NM PS to say 50 Euros? I think most people believe 150 Euros is too much.

    Lastly, pls can you mention to Polyphony if they can relese GT 7 on the PC 😎? 4k 120 Hz+ and full in race RTX, that'd be the best!

  • Congrats Thomas!

    I’m loving the whole experience so far! Controlling slides with the wheel, and smooth accelerator pedal, and really awesome braking feel with the load cell. It felt like I could outbreak everyone haha.

    I got my GT DD PRO earlier than expected, so I played a bit of GT Sport before GT7 released. And so far the force feedback and fidelity actually seems better in GT Sport so far. I could really feel all the kerbs, the small bumps in them, and getting a bigger bump if I hit the hot dog kerbs (Lago Maggiore for example). It feels like they’ve missed something here, and it feels a little weaker over all.

    The GT DD Pro itself is great! It’s so quiet and smooth. The wheel could have been a little bigger though, and I’d pay for a bigger wheel that could have some rotary encoders mapped to the “coloured” joysticks on the GT DD Pro wheel. Or it would be great if we could do this through the drivers/fanalab for some of the other Fanatec wheels.

    Thanks once again for the effort you all put into this wheel base and wheel. 🙏


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