Gran Turismo DD Pro Wheel Base launched!

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Our first PlayStation-licensed standalone direct drive wheel base is now available to order. The Boost Kit 180 is included, meaning that you get the full 8 Nm of performance right out of the box. 

The Gran Turismo DD Pro Wheel Base offers an alternative to the ready-to-race Gran Turismo DD Pro package, for those who prefer to select a different Fanatec steering wheel, pedal set, and so on.

Just like the CSL DD, the Gran Turismo DD Pro Wheel Base is compatible with the entire Fanatec ecosystem. The added compatibility for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles comes at a premium above the CSL DD (8 Nm) package, but it means any Fanatec product connected to the Gran Turismo DD Pro Wheel Base also becomes PlayStation-compatible, so you’ll have incredible freedom to select anything from our website.

It has been a pleasure to work with Polyphony Digital on this project, and there is still more to come! See you on track in Gran Turismo 7.

  1. What your favourite steering wheel for this base?30 votes
    1. The GT DD Pro steering wheel
    2. CSL Elite Mclaren GT3 (Xbox)
    3. CSL Elite WRC (Xbox)
    4. ClubSport Universal Hub (Xbox)
    5. CSL Universal Hub
    6. Podium Hub
    7. Formula V2.5 or V2.5X (Xbox)
    8. CSL P1 V2 or CSL BMW
    9. ClubSport BMW GT2 (V2)
    10. ClubSport RS or Porsche 918


  • Manuel KühnManuel Kühn Member
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    Why is so much more expensive than the normal CSL DD ?

  • CSL DD 8Nm = $479.95

    GT DD Pro 8Nm = $599.95

    Sooo...$120 for Playstation compatibility? 🤔🤨

    Yet the price difference between any PC/PS-compatible wheel and its Xbox counterpart is only $20.

    Guess they're counting on people REEEEEEALLY wanting to play GT7 and being willing to pony up for it. 🙄

  • The difference with the rims is that the Xbox compatibility is created in the rim with afaik just a little bit of extra coding needed, while PlayStation compatibility is created via an extra circuit board in the wheelbase.

    Sony seems to be very picky about this as it wasn't sure they would be allow a standalone wheelbase at all for quite a long time!

    Would this be a reason to boykott racing with a wheel on PlayStation? Yep.

    Has fanatec anything to do with the big premium price tag on PS compatible wheelbases? Not really :/

    120€ premium on a 479€ product is a lot though.. I was waiting for this standalone base but honestly.. I guess I won't join my 2 mates on GT sport anytime soon.

    Now the wait for the QR2 continues since the McLaren rim + csl DD shaft seem to have some issues for a lot of people.

  • MikstaMiksta Member
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    Why are people shocked..... We have know since last year the Wheelbase and Boost Kit bundle would be $599.......

    Personally I'm happy to pay that to upgrade from my CSL Elite, I have sampled my mates DD Pro and it is an awesome upgrade

  • it is the CSL DD which is priced very competitively and i suspect at a very low margin to get users into the Fanatec ecosystem.

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    There seems no option to buy the gran turismo wheel separately? Think this is needed to play GT properly, else you'll constantly need to use the dualsense.

    I have the CSL load cell pedals, so just wanted the buy the base & wheel rim.

    So i'll need to waste 80 Euros for pedals I dont need and buy the pack instead. Oh well still good value overall.

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    The Steering Wheel for Gran Turismo DD Pro is not available separately. However, it is not a requirement to play GT7. All of our wheels are capable of driving, shifting, and navigating the menus in GT7 (with the exception of the Podium Steering Wheel R300, which doesn't have a d-pad and requires the Button Module Endurance upgrade to add this feature). There are parts of the game where picking up the DualSense is preferable anyway, even when using the Steering Wheel for Gran Turismo DD Pro (e.g. livery editor, photo mode).

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • @Dominic Brennan

    can you tell me why the Steering Wheel for Gran Turismo DD Pro cannot be bought separately?

    I have a CSL Elite Wheel Base (PS4) and would like to buy the GT Steering Wheel for GT7. According to the item description, the GT Steering Wheel is also compatible with the CSL Elite Base:

    That's why I think it's a shame that I can't buy it. 😢

  • Ok thanks for letting me know. Still think GT wheel is best expereince eg has 4 rotary encoders which are needed for brake balance, fuel mix, abs etc. So presume best to get a wheel with such encoders eg the F1 style wheels. Which are expensive.

  • They aren't rotary encoders. It's just four round 5-way d-pads that are color coded to match the GUI in GT7.

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    I think you can buy one from aftermarket very easily. From I know lots of GT DD Pro package buyers not happly about it and want to sell.

  • Can we expect more in-game support for other Fanatec wheels?

    I have F1 Esports but left joystick can't be used for camera as it was it GTSport

    Or rotary switches and red switches on F1 and McLaren wheel to be mappable?

    I know this depends of the PD but it would be nice that you guys tell them what players want

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Hi Marcel, there are several reasons, but mainly:

    • It's an exclusive design for the GT DD Pro package. Our other wheels designed specifically for PlayStation-licensed products have also not been sold separately (the P1-style wheel from the 'CSL Elite Racing Wheel for PS4', and the Formula-style wheel from the 'Podium Racing Wheel F1').
    • Our PlayStation compatibility is achieved with a security chip in the wheel base, meaning that the steering wheel has no impact on PlayStation compatibility. It would therefore be impossible to license the wheel on its own, because it would be a PlayStation-themed product that is not itself capable of enabling PlayStation compatibility.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • I just sold my Gt7 wheel and pedals from the gt dd pro set. I also sold the gt dd pro base out of it separately because 3 days after arrival the 8nm base came on line for sale. So now I'll have the PS5 8nm base kit and can sell my csl dd 5nm base that I've been using for a while. You can find the wheels separately on ebay for around 150 if you look hard enough.


  • "It has been a pleasure to work with Polyphony Digital on this project, and there is still more to come! See you on track in Gran Turismo 7."

    Thomas Jackermeier

    Is there plans for more PD/PlayStation compatible DD Wheelbases?

  • I can not find anywhere when this is again availaible for ordering?

    At the time you do not accept any orders. Is there a way to be in a waiting line or at least to get an email message when this is again available for ordering?

  • How often do they come in stock and how can we get notified?

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