For sale :Gran Turismo DD Pro (8 Nm)

Brand new

Gran Turismo DD Pro bundle (8 Nm)

Price 400

Not even unboxed from the freight box.

Still warranty in 20 month

Living in Denmark

Can be sent for pickup and pay in




Otherwise payment and shipping

- Revolut



-Bank transfer.

Shipping 15 USD no matter where is should be shipped to


  • The price is en euro

  • Hey John,

    I would be really interested!

  • Milo i have sent a private message

  • Hello John, I am also interested! Thanks!

  • Hi John,

    I could be interested as well, since I live in DK then direct pickup and pay would be possible

    Regards Allan

  • Interested, will cover international shipping costs if available.

  • Hmm...

    I have since March 17th expressed interest for the this, was able to pick up locally and only needed a quick confirmation (photos) of the parts at hand. I have attempted several times since March 17th to get confirmed that the parts was at hand before driving to pick them up, but after 8 attempts, only a murky picture of a DD base arrived and still near impossible to get replies.

    Now it suddenly stands as being sold (and a new DD, this time 5nm posted for sale) has shown up on this forum.

    I start to doubt the actual availability of the goods and will warn others from doing prepayment here without full confirmation that the parts is actually at hand and being shipped (several red flags here).

    I hope I that perhaps the seller will prove me wrong here and if he does I will be sorry to have seeded doubts on he's honesty, but I will rather warn others beforehand just in case.


  • If it is sold it is sold.. and i have not answered you a long time on messenger. .. hvad fanden er det for noget at skrive.

  • When i write is is sold. It is sold. Is that part so hard du understand.

  • When i write is is sold. It is sold.. then you are hanging people out ??? Have i done something to you

  • Just for info Allan. Are you buying this.

    Because you sent me a messages about the other one ?? And that was is sold ?? Read the commentes.. why then hanging people out for something they don't are I'f is sold. ???

    Sold means sold.. then there is no reason to keep answer you on social media ???

    and this one is soooooold now. Sold.. what do you not understand.

  • Bradley ArdisBradley Ardis Member
    edited March 2022

    settle this on the track lads

  • Correct Bradley. I hate stupid comments.

  • Milo VMilo V Member

    Don't buy anything from this guy. He scammed me out of 215 euro and I never got anything

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