Csl elite wheel base compatibility

Goodmorning, I'd like to buy the csl elite wheel base with clubsport steering wheel formal V2 and the CSL elite pedals lc. I really can't understand if it is compatible with WIN10 and the game f1 2019 and f1 2020 for the future (in the game list this two games aren't mentioned)

Thanks for the reply


  • Yes. everything is compatible with PC, all PC games that support wheels.

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    Do you know some wheel stands which are compatible with that setup?

  • Basically all of them. They will mention support for Fanatec

  • Have red some comments about a playseat stand that cannot handle the weight dropped by misuse of the operator and broke the wheel.

    Better be safe than sorry.

  • for the stand I bought the next level racing stand ($229 AUD) from pagnian imports here in australia. Very sturdy and easy to move etc but also feels solid....

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    Thanks so much

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