A folding Next Level F-GT LITE NLR-S025 for GT-DD Pro (5nm)?

My People,

I have a GT-DD pro 5nm inbound. I just upgraded from the G27 which I was very happy with but, had stopped using when my PC died in '20. I'm a big GT fan and this is touted as the best for PS5 GT7 play.

My issue is that I'm trying to find a compact/ folding seat/cockpit. The Next Level F-GT lite seems ideal but, I'm concerned I'm too much for it. I'm 5'9" 220, more muscle than fat.

I'd appreciate any comments, thoughts, or solutions to this problem.



  • Devon CalhounDevon Calhoun Member
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    I have the F-GT Lite and honestly, there is nothing lite about it lol It's a pretty heavy folding cockpit. I'm a pretty big guy myself with mostly muscle 5"11 230 and it definitely supports my weight. it's a pretty sturdy chair (when it's in place, lol) it can be quite the struggle to get it set up due to how big and heavy it is but on the plus side its size supports its robustness so I have no doubt it will be able to handle the DD Pro. My only and main advice is definitely having all the levers tight before you sit in it, or you will definitely take a hard fall down to the F (Floor) position lol. I also have a GT-DD Pro on the way can't wait to install it to the rig!

  • I’m 6’3” 250 am I am quite comfortable in my Playseat Challenge, which is a similar product. I have never used the F-GT Lite, but everything I’ve seen says it’s a bit larger and a little more robust than the challenge. I have had the challenge for about 5 years and just replaced my T150 with a GT DD Pro and am still happy with it. I doubt you would have any problems with the F-GT Lite, but as I said, I’ve never used one. Just basing my opinion on reviews I’ve seen.

  • Brian BatiatoBrian Batiato Member
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    • Supported Height – 120 – 200 cm or 4ft – 6ft 6 inches
    • Supported Max Weight – 130 kg or 287lbs

    Off of the Next level racing site for the F-GT lite. I think it will handle 5NM with no issue.

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