CSL Elite Wheelbase and CSL Elite Steering Wheel McLaren GT3

Hi all.

Wondering if anyone has had this issue. Main problem is that the XBOX light on my CSL Elite Steering Wheel McLaren GT3 does not light up and hence when i push it it does not communicate with XBOX.

I have downloaded multiple drivers and when I install them they do not show up in the Fanatec game controller screen. There are no listings for the controllers.

I have also tried bootloader mode with the wheel, and without the wheel and i get the message "please connect wheel correctly and set it to bootloader mode"

I have also tried three different computer and different USB cables and no communication between PC and wheel base.

So, I cannot communicate PC to Wheel base, and, wheelbase/wheel do not communicate with XBOX.

any hints?

Many thanks



  • I've got issue with the rim that right clutch paddle has some input around 0 - 10% (jumping up and down all the time)

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