ACC 1.7.10 xbox series wierd FFB

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Hi, On sunday 20 I was playing ACC and everything was working perfectly, today monday 21, the FFB is all wrong. taking a corner or in long straighs the FFB is almost done, however in the apex or when the car breaks, the FFB is huge.

I have a dd2. does anyone experienced this also.


  • i am with csl dd boost kit, the ffb is completely wrong with patch In addition to having lost intensity, it no longer has any kind of detail. It is no longer possible to feel oversteer or understeer, or any blockages under braking. The game is unplayable in this state, and considering Fanatec is also a sponsor, that's a shame .. Logitec and trustmaster have a better ffb now, Fanatec KO.

    hopefully 505 systems soon, but I don't think that will happen...

  • Im starting to regret to have moved to the fanatec ecosystem...

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    The recent update for Xbox Series consoles corrected the FFB scaling. It used to be extremely low, so our recommended settings page has a lot of boosted values to compensate. This should no longer be necessary. We'll update the settings soon, but basically they should look more like the settings on the other platforms.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • The update that had corrected and significantly improved the FFB was (next gen update), and in that version it was really well done. We had resized the values ​​of ffb because it was stronger and with more detail, fantastic!

    Now with patch it is back to "old gen" levels in terms of intensity but with much less detail and anomalous steering behavior when returning to center. As Fanatec, I hope it will be possible for you to interface with the game publiscer and correct this setting, because currently both with DD bases and with csw 2.5 bases etc. the game is literally UNPlayable, with the devices of the game sponsor.

    I hope to get back to working the patch which I repeat was more than enjoyable.

  • At it was awesome. Since 1.7.10 FB is almost non existent, detail etc really weird and unplayable.

  • I confirm what has been said above, also with DD and the FFB has disappeared almost completely, I hope they resolve quickly

  • After the last update my CLS DD is recognized as Podium, and the ffb a lot weaker than before. Just when I was starting to feel happy about the ffb...

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    with patch 1.7.10, they have reset feedback, and how to drive with a € 50.00 base

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