Clubsport shifter what version is it & what have they done

recant purchase that only only works in sequel mode.

what version is it as its not like the v 1.5 or 2 so I'm guessing v1?

also it looks damaged and messed about with inside. any info or suggestions would be great, thanks for any help people.


  • Wow!

    Well I was going to try this in the next week:

    But I along with many other struggle with this shifter to no end. I've tried firmware, New Cables, Ferrite Cores X6, and now I think I gotta open it up... I hope I don't find the same thing.

  • Daniele CrudoDaniele Crudo Member
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    Without looking at other images of new disassembled shifters, it's obvious that yours has been manipulated: the applied glue, single wires, one wire has been cut too and welded (sorry for the language, in italian we call it "guaina termorestringente" --> that black piece of rubber that covers the joint of the 2 wires).

    Definitely used and bad reconditioned...should it be new?I think you bought it second hand and the original owner had issue with potentiometer that tried to a bad manner..

  • Hi man. Looks like it v1 because of those potentiometers. Probably the last owner tries to repair it. 

  • I don't see any potentiometers but I do see microswitches. I have no experience of the V1 but I'm assuming this is what Fanatec used to trigger changes prior to shifting to Hall sensors.

    It has clearly been butchered though. Looks like original cable with multi connector plugs which connects the two boards is missing and someone has simply hot glued replacement wires in the socket. They don't seem to have connected wires to all terminals which is probably why functionality is limited.

  • Daniele CrudoDaniele Crudo Member
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    This is a potentiometer:

    On the right there is the sequential-H pattern microswitch.

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    Yes. I have fanatec shifter with hall sensor it looks different. Also I have logitech h shifter with potentiometer and you can see that in that photo from logitech shifter, potentiometer looks the same as yours. By the way there should be 2 of them.

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