Project cars 2 recognizes my pedals and paddle shifters as the same button

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Hello fanatec friends. Been a lurker for a while, but finally found a question I couldn't find an answer to.

Just bought project cars 2 and can't even play. I played the demo just fine earlier so I bought the game. Now when I try to configure the button mapping it reads my pedals and paddles as the same. It doesn't do thin in the menus though. Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


Edit to add that this is for XBOX one and using a CSL elite v1 wheel and pedals.


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    Also, I forgot to mention, the gas pedal, right paddle and RB all registering as RB. The brake, left paddle and LB all register as LB

  • I haven't played PCARS2 in ages, but I'll see if I can break out the Xbox and take a look with my CSL DD.

  • Ok so I hooked up my CSL DD to the Xbox One. I'm using CSPv1 pedals, using a Fanatec-supplied PS/2 to RJ12 adapter cable, and the McLaren GT3 v2 wheel.

    PCARS2 recognizes my wheel brand as a Thrustmaster, for some reason, and the picture it shows on the right of the screen looks like it's the old Microsoft-branded Xbox 360 wheel and pedal set (???). There doesn't seem to be any way to change this from what I could tell, nor did there seem to be any way to create a generic "custom" profile. I only messed around with it for a few minutes, so maybe I overlooked something.

    Despite that being the case, I *was* able to calibrate both the wheel and pedals using the in game menu buttons, and all the inputs responded correctly. While going through the button assignments, there was some weirdness with certain functions saying "multiple inputs detected"...e.g. when assigning the Steer Left and Steer Right functions. But as far as assigning the basic necessities of gas, brake, clutch and gear shifts, things were fine. I tested with the Formula Renault around Algarve, and it all seemed to be working just fine.

    So... not sure what to suggest you try to fix your issues, other than to make sure you've updated to the latest firmware available for your equipment. I'm on driver package v439 with all its included firmware. Not sure if you'd be able to use the same for yours, but you should be able to find what you need on the drivers section on the main page. Also, what wheel are you using with your wheelbase? On my McLaren wheel, there is a dial which causes the wheel's analog paddles to behave in different ways, so it's necessary that that is set correctly or it can cause issues.

  • Thank you for all the info and testing that out for me Gregg, I appreciate it. I checked my firmware and it is running v439. I am just using the base wheel for the CSL, nothing special. It's just wild that it works fine in the demo, but not the game. I am sure many patches have been put out, so that could be it. Also, I am using RJ12 to RJ12. Maybe i should try the Xbox to RJ12.

    Thanks again for putting in the effort.

  • The only other thing maybe you could try is Reset To Defaults in the Control Scheme menu? Or maybe disconnect the pedals temporarily and see if just the wheel is recognized properly? You don't have any extra controllers plugged in or powered on while running your wheel, do you?

    BTW regarding your pedals, not sure what you mean by "maybe I should try the Xbox to RJ12", but the only way to connect the pedals and have a console recognize them is to plug them into the base via RJ12 (and then connect the base to the console via USB). Also, NEVER connect your pedals to ANYTHING using both USB and RJ12 at the same time, as this can damage the internal circuitry.

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