WTB Csl DD 5 or 8 nm

Interested in buying a csl dd, possibly with a wheel.

Located in Italy


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    8Nm all day everyday. Buy the Playstation version. Just in case 👍 You can buy the GT version without the Playstation wheel. Thats what I did. I ordered the GT version 8Nm base only. And added a proper fanatec wheel. That way you can race Gran Turismo 7 on Playstation if you one day should want to 👍

  • Apparently there is a major fault with DD pro with the CSL pedals...

    I would just go PC only...

  • Woah whaa?? 😳 I am a few days away from recieving my GT DD Pro 8Nm wheel base. I ordered just the base and with a proper fanatec steering wheel instead though. And also the CSL Load Cell pedals. Is there a known issue here that I should know about??

    For the time being I will run PC only. But when I get my hands on a PS5 there will be GT7 gaming too.

  • It seems there have been a number of users here recently who are having issues with the throttle pedal of their CSL pedal set not registering input correctly. It's unclear at this point whether they are related, what the cause is, or how widespread an issue it actually is.

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