CSL Elite PS4 - Low quality standards?

Apologies for my english:

So in the past two years of customership I've had 4 CSL Elite PS4 wheel bases... Two first worked and felt great at first, but eventually they both started to wander off-center. About halfway through warranty i already sent the 2nd one for CWS replacement, but according to support they couldn't fix it...

So then i got my 3rd unit, which was exchanged from their workshop, an used one... It's performance was nowhere near the same level as my two first bases - Even in normal driving it felt defective, so i contacted them right away.

Here are few video examples:

FEI 0 // 75%,0%,0%.

FEI 100 - Continuous disconnected rumbling, just like in the 1st video.

Tired of explaining the behaviour, but the noise you hear is actually a loose part hitting/knocking another... It's not direct... Definitely not Fanatec quality.

Fanatec Support's RMA conclusion:

Why would anyone open the base if it's working like it should?

If the videos are not clear enough, i'm more than happy to provide more - Also from 2018.


Now onto my my current 4th unit... Although it's significantly tighter/more direct than my 3rd unit - It's fails to deliver proper feedback from kerbs due to slack/looseness, and for 6nm torgue the base is super weak...

Like seen here - It tries to produce strong forces, but just like my earlier base, it fails to do so because something is giving up inside the base, hence the loud banging noise and snapping/popping...

FEI is set to 100, but that shouldn't prevent it from producing strong forces?

Same behaviour here, the base just snaps and pops... FEI 60.

Fanatec Support's RMA conclusion:

"I can offer you the RMA to inspect the base in the repair shop, for the FFB loss, we do not have such a information or experience yet, did you updated the Base and the driver?"

No wonder, since: earlier in 2018-19 :

"As I stated before, if the force feedback generally works with a wheel base, there is no possibility that the problem is related to the wheel base if single effects are missing. Either there obviously is a defect, for example if there won´t be force feedback at all or a strong cogging, or the problem has to be software related or related to the PC or console you use."

Unfortunately that seems to be their standards...


I've compared my unit(s) with few CSL Elite owners and their units aren't that lacking, nor sound the same.


  • CSL Elite's all make that noise with high FEI. It's exaggerated by that thin sheet of metal you have it connected to - that's causing the vibration to reverberate through the housing and the plate. You could try damping it with neoprene or rubber.

    Why have you blurred out the bit about the last video - says something about you slowing the steering wheel by pressing down with one finger?

  • Jul WalJul Wal Member
    edited May 2020

    Heh, no... Firstly, it's firmly hardmounted without any play whatsoever (from the metallic plate). Secondly, the base already comes with thin rubber cushions/pads. Thirdly, then my both bases would sound the same, but they don't.

    CSL's doesn't, or shouldn't clack like this even on highest FEI -values... Occasional rattling is ok, but that's not the case.

    Also keep in mind that FEI was set to 0 at first.

    Imagine a bike with wobbly front fork, but with the exception that this one has a motor jerking it left and right... I can hold the rim absolutely still and feel the slack inside the base. A tight unit wouldn't sound like that.

    Blurred text was an explanation for endless vibration it produces if you hold the rim at the Shoft-Lock... Which is normal.

    P.S. I'm still comparing these to my two first bases and they were quiet using this very same Wheel Stand...

    Fanatec knows exactly what the issue is.

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