CSL DD: Strong click, clonk or jolt randomly in all sims

I have a CSL DD (8Nm) , purchased in June 2021. I am using the optional metal QR adapter. All original cables are used in my rig.

I had the CSL Elite 1.1 WB prior and never experienced this effect with it. I found several posts here on this forum where others have described similar issues and some have resolved it by adding a piece of tape into the groove of the shaft. I tried all that to no avail.

In the video you can hear the loud and quite violent jolt. Even the screen (car) appears to jump. Before you ask, yes I am using the security pin screwed in as well.

I tried everything in the book to figure out where the sound/FFB jolt comes from:

  1. Different USB ports (USB2 and USB3) making sure that the WB is alone on that header.
  2. Another brand new UPS with the WB attached to the battery outlet and nothing else. Living in Florida a UPS is a must have....I tried using the surge protection outlet only as well.
  3. Used my ESports F1 wheel and it shows the same effect.

So, it is fair to say that the DD or its power brick causes some type of glitch where the sensor of the brushless motor gets out of sync and then 'jumps' to get into sync again. I have no other explanation.

Any other idea is greatly appreciated.

The video is here: Video - RAW-Shooter (smugmug.com)




  • Marcel PfisterMarcel Pfister Member, Administrator

    Hi Boris,

    I suspect it might be an issue we mainly observed with iRacing where the steering input jumps suddenly for one frame and this creates a jolt. Sadly I can't see the ingame steering input in your video but do you remember the steering input jumping to a completely wrong position briefly for example when the wheel was visible or you watch a replay of the incident?

    We have a firmware test export which did solve this kind of issue for iRacing, would be interesting if it also fixes yours. We plan to integrate the fix into the next driver release.

    To flash this firmware you need to:

    1. Extract the file from this .zip
    2. Open the Fanatec Control Panel
    3. Go to the Firmware Update page
    4. Open the Firmware Manager
    5. Check the box on the top right to enable manual updates
    6. Click on Base Firmware Update
    7. When the updater opens, use the 3 dots to select the extracted firmware file
    8. Flash the firmware

  • Hello Marcel,

    Thank you for this.

    The video is showing RaceRoom. Nürburgring Dunlop Kehre. I don't use iRacing at all and the steering is not really jumping to a wrong position but I could feel (in this case) the jolt going left.

    It never occurred to me to watch a replay of an incident like that. Good idea! To make sense though I would need to turn the wheel and hand animation for steering on, right? If it happens in ACC I even should see it in MoTec.

    I will try that firmware as well and let you know how this goes.

    Looks like I have some racing to do this weekend....



  • Boris KosloffBoris Kosloff Member
    edited April 2022

    Hello Marcel,

    No issues all weekend and I was almost ready for a big fat thumbs up....sadly this evening within the first 10 minutes it happened again.

    This time in ACC though. Same track, same corner but at the entry. Did I think of looking at the replay and recording it?

    No. Of course not. That would have been too easy. Duh.


  • Hi,

    My Jolts almost gone with that... FINALYYYYYY OMG!

    Lower FEI value at 90%. Test yours.... Im testing now over three days without one.

    But is imperative to connect your wheel to direct usb port from your mother board.

  • @Manuel,

    I don't see a reason to lower FEI - maybe this will reduce that effect, maybe not. The USB connection type is irrelevant here as well.


    I think it really occurs less frequent and less violent, but is not 100% gone.

    How about the long term effects? Could this damage the wheel base down the road? Typically after the warranty has expired....

    Where do we go from here? The test driver above is several versions behind - how would we know when this fix is implemented in which version?


  • After lower that value FEI the JOLTS gone 100x100 in my base. i dont feel any lack off effects or force feedback in the games. For me is a WIN WIN.

  • The weird thing is that FEI was introduced way back in 2017 to reduce noise on the CSL Elite wheel base. Back then the values ranged from 000 - 010.

    In theory the DD should not even need this at all.

    Fanalab recommended setting for ACC, rf2, AMS2 R3R = 100. If this isn't odd, I don't know what is.

    I'll give it a go with 90 just for kicks.

    Still hope that Marcel gives us a hint which future version will have this 'hidden feature' as a standard fix.


  • Hello Marcel,

    This is the issue you mention?

    I have sent the CSL DD TWICE for repair and still have the problem. I do not know what to do...


  • Pawel JozwikPawel Jozwik Member
    edited April 2022


    I have similar issue occuring mostly in ACC (but also in R3E and original AC). See video I recorded tonight: https://1drv.ms/v/s!Ap_jbBuvmQhqi9htfkJ2P3ZKIJor0g

    I will test with FEI lowered to 90% for next couple of days, we will see if that helps...

    Best regards,


  • Hi Marcel Pfister,

    I haven't given feedback until I'm sure it works.

    Since installing it I haven't had those "jumps" or "jolts" again. I had the feeling that with the beta firmware, the steering felt softer so I had to increase the force feedback on iracing. 

    I also had a problem setting SEN to AUTO. From the software it was not saved and the value was lost when restarting the PC. Setting it from the steering wheel kept the value.

    Best regards.

  • Hello...(i have the 8nm base since finals of february aprox)

    Yesterday i play ACC when this happen to me for first time at the end of the race in Monza (60 mins + 20 mins qualy) 2 or 3 times like a rock when pass on the kerb. I played 1 or 2 times per week since the beginning, and use the FFB in the game in 51% force so i dont use entire force.

    Then i saw my profiles and discover accidentally put the profile of the Eurotruck instead of the ACC and that profile i have 100% of FEI and the other hand i have 80% in the ACC profile (Always i have been 80% FEI for ACC) and nothing happen before. I noted the base goes hot a little but nothing to worry i think.

    So, after read the comments maybe is posible that FEI in 100% cause the problem in ACC at least.

    I tested the correct profile in ACC (with 80% FEI) and every was ok at the moment.

    I want more test to confirm.


  • edited May 2022

    Hello Again.

    After tested this with FEI at 80% the problem its not solve entirely, because i can fell that clonck when i turn to the right sometimes at the biginning of the sesion or when pass 45 min of race, sometimes nothing happen, yes its a lot better at least but not solve the problem, just patch the problem.

    I think which is not the base, because its somtimes, not entire race, so just we wait for an update which can solve the problem maybe... i dont know....


  • Hello,

    I am experiencing the same issue in F1 23, also with csl DD 8NM. Checked the shaft, reseated it ,but the issue still occurs, oddly on some tracks very often , other times it does not occur for days... Any advice?

  • Stephen JayStephen Jay Member
    edited July 2023

    What firmware are you on? There was in issue on older versions that caused steering jolts. It hasn't been fixed fully as yet but supposedly it occurs much less frequently with the newest driver.

  • i'm on 451.

  • Jeroen WolffJeroen Wolff Member
    edited November 2023

    Same issue here. Latest firmware. On F1 2023 I noticed it the most. It get's less with FEI: 90 but still there. Very annoying and feels like something breaks or is broken. I use only PS5 with Fanatec DD GT Pro (8Nm)

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