Preordered my v3 pedals this evening

Just wondering if i will get my pedals? Kind of worried that they may not get enough in stock to cover all their preorders. Anyone know if they will have enough to ship my order on june 5th? Are they usually pretty reliable with fulfilling their preorders?


  • To answer that, read the forum posts. An awful lot of people canceling orders due to them not being fulfilled and constantly being pushed back. Some people are waiting for over 2 months for stuff. I made my first order Thursday and it’s being delivered tomorrow, but all my stuff was in stock. After reading other people’s pre-order nightmares I don’t think I’d be pre-ordering anything. Only things that are in stock

  • Chad HarrisChad Harris Member
    edited May 2020

    Yeah I already ordered everything that was actually in stock and it is supposed to be here tomorrow. But just wanted to order a better pedal set and sell the elites I bought. But i guess we will see june 5th. If they don’t ship them guess ill have to cancel. Though i dont mind waiting a few weeks if need be. Better than getting ripped off on ebay.

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