DD1 for PS4

Is the Offical DD1 for PS4 available to buy without the Wheel? I already have the Clubsport Formula V2 and just want the DD1


  • I bought Ps4 f1 dd1 with zero desire for the f1 wheel and would have bought the dd2... why ps4 gets 2nd class status Long after the license wars were settled i still dont understand... while i now get the wheel issue pretty well at this point (1.fanatecs addable button clusters dont include a dpad... this can in some cases be programmed for dual use to certain buttons/pedals/wheel turning..... 2. Fanatec for some reason has not programmed the button cluster to be able to access Internal wheel settings on podium motor... which should be 100% doable as its ALL inhouse hardware and software...poopoo on that... a software update Could fix that). The fact that ps4 players arent allowed to buy the better motor still makes zero sense to me from a salesman's point of view... customers With credit cards in hand reading about esports finals in the news are turning to other options... fanatec should just let people know they need a ps4 remote at all times to use any non f1 wheel and not force us to spend Way more than xbox customers... theres a large customer base here trying to spend money and getting very little info to help them spend.

  • All DD1 wheel bases have the DD2 motor. This was announced last summer.

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